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RAD is Rapid Application Development – making software development easier and faster so you get more done in less time. Now you can get inside tips and deep technical information on how to take advantage of RAD development for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X with RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder and HTML5 Builder with these RAD in Action resources.

Develop a Complete Windows 10, Mobile, Web Service and Cloud Solution

During this RAD in Action webinar, we will show you how to build a complete warehouse application for auction items that runs on Windows desktops and mobile devices using SQL databases, REST servers and cloud Storage. You will learn how to build a VCL application and mobile apps that work with a middle tier via a web service that uses Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) and FireDAC. The presentation and demonstration will be full of useful tips and tricks and clear explanations.

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RAD in Action: Mobilizing your Business with Enterprise Mobility Services Middleware

Cary Jensen hosts this informative session to discuss why middleware is critical for mobilizing your business or Enterprise.

In this on-demand webinar, Cary performs a technical deep-dive into the new Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) middleware platform to show you how to best extend your business and Enterprise into mobile clients. Learn how to manage and authenticate users, build custom REST APIs, move data between mobile clients and your Enterprise database backend, and how to analyze user behavior.

Cary also compares and contrasts EMS with the DataSnap SDK. This is a must-watch session for anyone mobilizing their solutions.

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Revolutionary UI Development with FireUI: Build One UI for 4 Form Factors

UI development has changed significantly over the years with new devices and form factors being introduced every day. From phones, desktops, tablets, mini-tablets, wearables, Google Glass and more, developers are faced with creating unique UIs that fit each form factor and native device style. The revolutionary FireUI designer allows you to create custom and unique UI and UX for each device platform and form factor in a single codebase. FireUI allows you to share one master form and device view across multiple UIs. Join us as we show you how to change the design paradigm in today's multi-device world.

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Build Modern Apps with Enterprise Mobility Services

In this demo-oriented webinar Paweł Głowacki, Embarcadero EMEA Tech Lead for Developer Tools, demonstrates how to build modern apps with enterprise database access using Embarcadero Enterprise Mobility Services. Embarcadero Enterprise Mobility Services make it easy to build secure and scalable systems with reusable visual components using C++ or Object Pascal languages.

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Build Connected Multi-Device Apps using BaaS

Take your applications to new heights by integrating with leading Back-end as a Service (BaaS) providers to add functionality and platform services to your mobile and desktop applications. David I will show you how to gain easy access to common services in the cloud without having to build or maintain the back-end services yourself.

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VCL Developer's Guide to RAD Studio XE6

Join Embarcadero's Marco Cantu to learn how to modernize your Windows applications with new styles, components, database connectivity and app tethering in Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE6.

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Modernize your Delphi and C++Builder Windows Applications

Companies around the world are now moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 and 8, due to the end of support for Windows XP by Microsoft. If your existing Delphi and C++Builder applications are still based on older technology, it is a great time to migrate and modernize them, supporting the needs of your customers. Join programming expert Marco Cantù to learn how.

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Unit Testing in Delphi

Without unit tests your code is fragile, hard to change, and unreliable. Unit testing is the only way that you can be sure that your code does what it is supposed to do.

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Making the Connection: Programming Devices and Gadgets with RAD Studio

Our modern world is full of programmable and interactive devices. This "RAD in Action" webinar looks at how to take full advantage of them from RAD Studio. Join Embarcadero's Jim McKeeth and David Intersimone and special guests to learn how to use Delphi and C++Builder to work with these devices and gadgets in innovative ways and extend your apps in ways you never may have imagined.

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Step Up to the Multi-Device Application Platform

Developing applications across multiple device types and platforms is fundamentally different than focusing on just one. Developers have to think differently when approaching modern projects that can include desktops, tablets and smartphones. Watch the replay of this informative technical webinar and discover how you can use the elements of the RAD Multi-Device Application Platform to architect your applications to run on Windows, mobile, devices and more!

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Embrace and Extend: Connect Your Infrastructure to Mobile

Developers are being asked more and more to make information behind the firewall available on mobile clients. There are many approaches you can take. Multi-tier architectures give developers a lot of leverage to design their apps for a connected world. Learn about multi-tier application architecture, creating desktop and mobile client apps, working with back-end as a service (BaaS) providers, and RAD Studio technologies including DataSnap, REST client support and the InterBase database.

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No App is An Island: Universal Enterprise Data Connectivity for the Multi-Device World

FireDAC is the ultimate multi-device data access library. Enterprise data access can be challenging. While products like dbExpress have solved many of these problems, what is needed is a data access engine that can deal with the rapidly changing world of IT. Multiple devices, OSes, and form factors create a plethora of touch points. FireDACs high performance, unified API and native driver support are the answer. Presented by Cary Jensen.

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Welcome to the Future: True Native, Multi-Device Development for Android and iOS

Software development teams are under growing pressure to deliver apps for multiple mobile devices simultaneously and on time. But coding and managing different code bases and APIs for tablets and smartphones running multiple platforms is costly and time consuming. RAD Studio delivers Android and iOS support to enable developers to build mobile apps using the same source codebase without sacrificing app quality or performance.

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Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization in Multi-Device Apps

Conveying the meaning of data quickly and concisely is a focal point of today's applications. This is especially true for mobile devices where real-estate and user attention are in short supply. Delphi/C++ and the FM Application Platform, along with native code performance, provide the tools necessary to create vibrant, information rich displays leveraging data visualization techniques and infographics. Along with access to standard libraries and 2D/3D graphics support, the extensible FM Application Platform, allows developers to reuse their custom data visualizations by creating new FM controls. Presented by Ray Konopka.

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Get to More Devices Faster with FireMonkey

As a software developer, you're challenged to develop and deliver apps for more devices than ever and with tighter timelines. Now you can use FireMonkey FM3, the component framework to meet those challenges and build multi-device, true native apps for iOS, Windows and Mac, using a single codebase.Learn from Pawel Glowacki how the FireMonkey framework offers you the way forward with multi-platform native development. Learn how with a technical webinar featuring Pawel Glowacki and a FireMonkey white paper from Marco Cantù.

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FireMonkey in Action — FM 2 Ready for Multi-Platform Business

Learn from Pawel Glowacki how the FireMonkey framework offers you the way forward with multi-platform native development.

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FireMonkey in Action – Components, Styles and More

In this session, Bruno Fierens, head of TMS Components, will take you through an introduction to the essentials of adapting and creating components with FireMonkey, before working through some of the key techniques that he uses to build the TMS FireMonkey Component Pack.

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HTML5 Builder – Web and Mobile Apps From a Single Codebase

In this session, HTML5 Builder R&D lead José León will take you through on a journey through the new IDE and show you how to develop Web Client and Web Server Apps, and how you can have a single code base for Mobile Client and Server apps that target all the major mobile applications you would need.

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Development and Deployment of Delphi Multi-tier Applications

In this session, global developer luminary Marco Cantu will take attendees through how to build application services using Delphi DataSnap, integrate them with web servers, host them in the cloud, make them scalable and robust, access to them from different types of clients, create service-based Delphi clients.

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Windows 8 - I Like Your Style!

This session, Stephen Ball will provide the perfect quick start for developers who want to deliver existing or new applications with an up to the minute Windows 8 UI look and feel.

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Review last year's RAD in Action Resources

Learn to use LiveBinding in Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio

Join Delphi expert Cary Jensen in this fun and enlightening look at one of RAD Studio's latest technologies. Learn how LiveBindings provide you valuable alternatives to interfacing your classes in both VCL and FireMonkey applications.

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Learn How to Create Mobile Web and Native Apps with RAD Studio

Learn how you can create mobile web apps and native apps for iOS, Android and more with RAD Studio XE2.

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Building Rich Business Applications with FireMonkey

Join Embarcadero and Delphi expert Marco Cantù for an informative web seminar, whitepaper and tutorial videos where you'll learn how to create visually stunning, database connected business applications using FireMonkey.

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Creating IDE Extensions with the Delphi Open Tools API

Delphi® offers a rich API that enables developers to customize and extend the IDE. Join Delphi expert Bruno Fierens to learn how to use this API (OTAPI) to create your own extensions.

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Developing Applications for the Cloud using RAD Studio XE

Join David I to learn how to leverage cloud computing architectures, storage and services to build and deploy distributed applications using Embarcadero RAD Studio XE.

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Learn to unleash the power of Delphi with Delphi Labs

Through a series of step-by-step instructional tutorials, Paweł Głowacki, veteran Delphi trainer, guides you to a deeper understanding of the powerful technologies in Delphi. You will gain the solid foundation of knowledge upon which to unleash your creative genius.

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Bob Swart Presents - Multi-tier Development with DataSnap using Delphi XE

Embarcadero® RAD Studio Enterprise XE is the most popular release in years, in large part due to DataSnap XE. The DataSnap® framework enables you to build multi-tier applications with the server built in Delphi and C++Builder, and connect with them via a wide variety of clients and protocols. Join Embarcadero and Bob Swart for a walk through a real world DataSnap application, covering topics like security, authentication, and deployment.

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Daniele Teti Presents - Mobile Development: Connecting with PHP REST Servers from Android

The need to have a mobile user interface for an existing application to add functionality or to ease the way a client/server system or multi-tier application is used, is growing at an increasing rate in IT. This RAD in action topic will show you how to write a PHP REST server and interact with it from an Android application.

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Marco Cantù presents - Developing REST Servers in Delphi XE using DataSnap

REST is a new architecture for Web Services that is having a significant impact on the industry. Learn how to build REST servers using features available in Delphi XE, how to extend them with extra Delphi support code and how to take advantage of the jQuery library.

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Developing PHP and Facebook Applications

There are over 20 million PHP servers worldwide, serving up a lot of content on the web - everything from the most used blogging software, WordPress, to websites like Wikipedia. With all of these sites using PHP, there must be something about PHP that helps web developers get their job done better and faster.

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Mastering Database Application Development

Rapidly build database applications with Embarcadero Delphi. Learn from the experts with an informative webinar, technical white papers, and tutorial videos.

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Migrating Legacy Applications to Unicode-enabled Delphi 2010

Join Delphi expert Cary Jensen to learn best practices for migration to Unicode as he works with Delphi developers around the world – including noted authors, leading third-party vendors, and front line developers – to learn how they approached their Unicode conversions, what challenges they faced, and what solutions they employed.

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RESTful Web Services with Delphi and RAD Studio 2010

Get the most from RAD Studio 2010 with Representational State Transfer (REST) - a new architecture for Web services that is having a significant impact on the industry. Learn how to create REST client applications for popular Web sites and how to gain both power and flexibility by building REST servers for your business.

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Learn the Secrets of Rapid Visual C++ Application Development

If you need to quickly build interactive, UI-oriented desktop, workstation, client server, touch-screen, kiosk, and Web applications in C++, you won't want to miss this webinar and new white paper.Join industry expert, David Intersimone, and see first-hand how to use RAD/visual development and the power of the C++ language, TR1, and Boost libraries to quickly build rich UI and database applications.

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Build multi-tier applications using DataSnap

DataSnap with JSON, REST, HTTP, TCP/IP and XML support provides connectivity with virtually any other system – giving you the flexibility and performance you need to build superior multi-tier applications. Learn more with a free white paper, webinar and technical video series.

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Get started with Windows 7 development in three easy steps

Learn about Windows 7 development and tools you can use to rapidly build .NET and native Windows 7 apps with this informative webinar and resources.

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