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Solutions for 64-bit Application Development

This is an exciting time for software developers. There are new challenges and opportunities with shifts in devices and in operating systems, including increasing adoption of 64-bit operating systems. One of the key things developers should be thinking about is how to take advantage of this shift to 64-bit.

Sell more software and provide more flexibility for your customers Support the growing 64-bit upgrade initiatives among corporations
Accelerate upgrades of your software Create more powerful enterprise level applications
Stay competitive in the industry and beat the competition Build applications that allow users to fully leverage the power and capabilities of 64-bit machines

64-bit PCs and Operating Systems on the Rise

A recent Gartner report about 64 bit Windows said that in 2014, 75% of corporate PCs will be running Windows 64. 64-bit is really becoming important. Part of the reason we see the increase in corporate usage of Win 64 PCs is the same reason we see moves to new versions of Windows and that is when they buy new machines. 64-bit CPUs have been around for many years in these devices even though they may have been running 32-bit versions of Windows. With Windows 7 and future Windows 8, you'll find more and more PCs just by default being 64 bit Windows.

Enterprise Adoption of 64-bit

One of the things to remember is that a large percentage of Windows upgrades are done by an IT organization, not by individuals within a company. IT organizations typically tend to upgrade in certain cycles. They don't upgrade on a one-off basis, they try to put it off as long as possible and upgrade everything at once. When they do decide to upgrade, they tend to want to upgrade everyone to as high a level as possible. They want to move up to the highest hardware standard and the highest software standard, in this case, 64-bit Windows is the trend.

The Need for 64-bit Software Applications

As organizations are shifting into full gear on Windows 7 upgrades and looking forward to Windows 8, the trend is towards the 64 bit flavor. And that really introduces some complexities with Windows software because unlike the past where it was really easy to build 16 and 32-bit compatible applications, it's much harder today and there are more compatibility issues. Rather than building one application that can support both, the trend now is more to build separate 32-bit versions and 64-bit versions.

Opportunity for ISVs and Enterprise Developers

A really important thing for developers to be thinking about this year is offering that 64-bit option so that you can get in on all those IT upgrades. Get those, and thus get your software upgraded in those cycles as well. You can not only provide additional functionality that takes advantage of the larger memory space available in 64-bit Windows for increased capacity and performance, you also give your user base one more reason to upgrade to the latest version of your software.

There's a lot of budget out there when it comes times for Windows upgrades. So it's a great time for ISVs and developers to be thinking about creating 64-bit versions of their software.

The Embarcadero Solution – 64-bit Windows Application Development with Delphi and RAD Studio (and coming soon for C++Builder).

Now, with Delphi, you can create 64-bit Windows applications with Delphi to take advantage of the latest hardware, access more memory, and push the envelope of performance. All Windows technologies are 64-bit enabled included FireMonkey, VCL, RTL, the Delphi compiler and debugger streamlining the migration of existing VCL applications to 64-bit. The new C++Builder 64-bit Windows compiler is expected to be available in December 2012.

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