Acquiring an iOS Developer Certificate

An iOS developer certificate is a code-signing certificate, a digital signature that associates you and your digital identity with your applications.

On the Mac, you must create and submit a request for an iOS development certificate. For more information, see the Apple documentation

Your developer program determines the sequence and requirements that you need. For specific instructions, customized for your developer login, log into the iOS Dev Center. For example, the following webpages (in this case, about acquiring certificates) are available only to users logged in to a specific developer program:

Your Apple Developer Program Webpage Comments

Individual developer login

Links to the Member Center and to the Development Provisioning Assistant, a wizard that creates and installs your provisioning profile and iOS development certificate for you. This makes the process much easier.

Team member developer login

If you are a member of an iOS Development Team, you should obtain your certificates from your team leader.

Team leader login

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