Joining an iOS Developer Program

Membership in one of the iOS developer programs is a requirement for building, running, debugging, and deploying applications for iOS.

You can join a developer program in either of the following ways:

  • As an individual developer.
  • As a member (or leader) of a team in an enterprise (business) program or university program.

For more information about the developer programs, see the Apple documentation.

After you join a program and log in using your Apple Developer ID, you will find the platform-specific and program-specific documentation available to you. Please use the Apple documentation as your main guide.

Keep in mind that the requirements are set by Apple Computers, so the steps described here might not be entirely accurate in your current situation. The entire process of configuring your Mac and iOS devices for app development and testing is described in the Apple documentation at:

Acquire Your Apple ID and iTunes Account

In order to buy apps from the App Store or music from the iTunes Store, you need to acquire an Apple ID (free) and open an iTunes account. See iTunes: How to set up an iTunes Store account (Apple ID).

  • For information about marketing your completed iOS apps, including guidelines for submission to the App Store, see Prepare for App Submission.
  • ARM v. 7 is now required for iOS apps to be accepted in the App Store.

Join the Apple Developer Program (Registration is free)

  • Gives you your Apple Developer ID. A Registered Apple Developer user ID is required for iOS application development.
  • Gives you access to the basic software tools (such as Xcode and iOS SDK) that you need in order to develop applications for iOS.
  • Enables you to test your iOS apps using simulators in Xcode.
  • Gives you the Apple documentation about iOS development.
  • Allows you to report bugs and attend Apple developer events.

Join the iOS Developer Program (Requires an annual payment of $99 to Apple)

  • Gives you access to developer tools, pre-release software, and technical support.
  • Enables you to place your completed iOS applications in the App Store.
  • Gives you access to the portal through which you create the Development Provisioning Profile, which is necessary for running your applications to development iOS devices.
  • There are separate developer programs for Enterprise (business) and for University.
  • For information about joining the iOS Developer's Program, see
Note: A similar program is Mac Developer Program, for Mac developers.
  • If you want to develop for both the Mac and iOS, and place your Mac and iOS apps in the App Store, you need to join both developer programs (Mac and iOS).
  • If you plan to place only your iOS apps (not any Mac apps) in the App Store, you can join only the iOS Developer Program.

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