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Bring Your Own Applications (BYOA)

AppWave provides a better experience for the software titles you already own. Our pre-tested mastering templates let you create an “app” version of your software. Access software with one click, eliminate the need to install software, and gain total visibility into software usage with AppWave. You can try AppWave free for any of the supported titles below for 30 days.

The following is a list of commercial applications that we support

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To upload and use a software application via AppWave, you must first have obtained the application and all applicable licenses from the application software vendor.

Software vendors may not warrant the functionality of, or provide support for, their software used in connection with AppWave.

“Enterprise app stores can help software asset managers lower administration overhead and drive accountability and efficiencies through automation.”

“Enterprise App Stores Reduce Risk and Improve Business Results,”

by Ian Finley


Feb 1, 2012, pg 6