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Businesses rely on data for important decision-making, but may need to justify the Return on Investment (ROI) of data modeling within their organization. In this whitepaper, Tom Haughey discusses how to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of data modeling by assessing the economic value of real data modeling benefits, such as improved requirements definition, reduced maintenance, accelerated development, improved data quality and reuse of existing data assets.

Published:  December 18, 2015

The dictionary definition of a heuristic is “Computers, Mathematics: pertaining to a trial-and-error method of problem solving used when an algorithmic approach is impractical.” which means this is what you do when you do not know what to do next. The term “normalization” comes from Dr. Codd, who borrowed it from the thencurrent political climate in which we were trying to normalize relations with the Soviet block. The goal is to remove redundancy from a database schema and to have the schema maintain some data integrity without procedural code.

Published:  December 14, 2015

Most of us began programming in procedural languages. But SQL is a declarative language. Chris Date described the difference as “What, not How” in one of his books. SQL has three sub-languages; the DDL or Data Declaration Language, the DML or Data Manipulation Language and the DCL or Data Control Language.

Published:  December 14, 2015

The 2000 book Me Talk Pretty One Day (ISBN 978-0316777728) is a collection of essays by American humorist David Sedaris. He moved to a rural part of Normandy, France, and had no idea how to speak or read French at the time. The humor comes from his frustrated attempts to learn the language and culture. The locals knew him as the American idiot who scares their animals by screaming. The warning on electrified fences was in French and a great source of amusement for the neighbors

Published:  December 14, 2015

Dr. Codd’s original relational algebra had eight basic operations. Since RDBMS is based on set theory the first four are traditional set operations: intersection, set difference, union and product These operations are available in SQL, respectively, as INTERSECT, EXCEPT, UNION, and CROSS JOIN respectively.

Published:  December 14, 2015

SQL is the first programming language to have temporal data types in it. If COBOL had done this, we would never have had the "Y2K Crisis" we survived a few years ago. SQL- 92 added temporal data to the language, acknowledging most of what was already in most SQL product by that time. The problem is that each vendor made a trade-off internally. We will get into SQL code later, but since this is an area where people do not have a good understanding, it is better to start with foundations.

Published:  December 14, 2015

If you cruise SQL programming newsgroups, you will eventually find a post for what is called EAV (“Entity-Attribute-Value”) tables. It is a very common schema design error for programmers who started with an OO, work with NoSQL (attribute, value) pairs or a loosely typed programming language.

Published:  December 14, 2015

Cardinality has nothing to do with song birds or Catholic church officials. It is a term from set theory that deals with the size of a set. Originally, Georg Cantor invented the term, so that he could talk about infinite sets like integers, real numbers, irrationals, power sets and so forth.

Published:  December 14, 2015

Pick any two positive integers. Add them and get a third number. Then use the last two numbers and do it again. And again, for a long time. Finally, take the ratio of the last two numbers. Without any other information I am sure that ratio will be ~1.618033988749894848204586834. This is called the Golden Ratio or φ, and it works out to (1 + √5)/2. It occurs as a law of nature. Nobody programmed it, per-arranged it or used a magic trick on you.

Published:  December 14, 2015

Migrating from one data modeling tool to another doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. Use this migration guide to take you through the steps for importing your ERwin data models into ER/Studio.

Published:  November 09, 2015

Corporate data is dramatically increasing in importance. It is imperative to have trustworthy data that correctly represents all aspects of the business environment. Data modeling can be a useful way to improve data quality and integrity and establish the foundation for a business-driven data architecture. This Dimensional Research report contains a summary of survey results from 402 business and data stakeholders, covering current trends in corporate data and data modeling.

Published:  October 23, 2015

The data warehouse is an established concept and discipline that is discussed in many books, conferences and seminars. Into this world comes a new technology – Big Data. In this paper, William Inmon describes the differences and similarities between data warehouse architectures and Big Data technologies.

Published:  October 21, 2015

In this paper, Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D., describes an analytical architecture that expands on the existing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to include new data sources, storage mechanisms, and data handling techniques needed to support both conventional sources of data and those supplying Big Data.

Published:  October 08, 2015

Learn why Windows 10, the most significant PC release in many years, is a big opportunity for software developers. Gain an understanding of how RAD Studio developers are ideally placed to take advantage of Windows 10 and why now is the time to prepare for new ways of developing and deploying Windows applications.

Published:  August 28, 2015

The new InterBase® patent pending feature “Change Views” introduces a new approach to tracking data changes (with field level granularity) in server as well as personal computer/tablet/mobile databases. It is designed for today’s mobile centric world. Furthermore, Change Views offer developers a way to break traditional constraints in their thinking about data change tracking and the life span of data in briefcase models. Through its Change Views technology, InterBase provides easy access to a highly scalable change-tracking engine that developers can easily mold to fit their requirements, regardless of whether they need to keep 1 or 100,000 destinations up-to-date.

Published:  August 28, 2015

Is your organization working on Agile or Scrum development projects? Many companies are moving to these methodologies for applications and databases, but haven’t taken them all the way back to the data models. In this whitepaper, Karen Lopez provides 10 tips and discusses ways for data modelers to work with sprint-focused agile development projects.

Published:  June 28, 2015

This analyst report examines the growing importance of model-driven processes for database design and management. The paper specifically focuses on the role and common use cases for business-driven metadata in database modeling, design, and development tools and how Embarcadero’s ER/Studio solution addresses the needs of today’s enterprise data landscapes.

Published:  June 17, 2015

Whether you’re working with relational data, schema-less data, or model metadata, you face challenges in providing the right access and context for your enterprise data assets. Read this eBook for essential insights on important data architecture topics.

Published:  June 15, 2015

Debugging, though a tough option inside SQL Server, has come a long way with the integration with Visual Studio to make SQL Server Management Studio much more powerful. These additions to SSMS have increased the productivity of Developers and DBA’s alike. This whitepaper introduces you to the debugger techniques introduced with SQL Server 2012.

Published:  May 01, 2015

Data architects face many challenges on a day-to-day basis which have made data modeling and metadata management more important than ever. The models and associated metadata are the only means by which complex data environments can truly be understood and managed. This whitepaper highlights five major challenge areas, and provide insights regarding how to address them with data modeling.

Published:  April 27, 2015

Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) is a multi-tier framework that first shipped with RAD Studio XE7. This white paper is designed to provide you, the software professional, with the information you need to get started with EMS today. You will learn how EMS interfaces with the various technologies necessary to support your applications, and why this approach is so valuable in today's distributed computing landscape. The paper continues by showing you how to get started with your EMS development including how to install EMS and make basic calls into this service. Importantly, these calls are standard REST REpresentational State Transfer) calls, which can be emitted by any language or framework that understands HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). After a brief discussion of REST, you will learn how to make some of these basic calls using a browser, RAD Studio's REST Debugger, and a Delphi application.

Published:  April 17, 2015

Everything about data has changed, but that only means that data models are even more essential to understanding that data so that businesses can know what it means. As development methodologies change to incorporate Agile workflows, data architects must adapt to ensure models stay relevant and accurate. This whitepaper describes key requirements for Agile data modeling and shows how ER/Studio supports this methodology.

Published:  April 14, 2015

Whether you are preparing for an interview for a new job or vying for the next level within an organization, sometimes it’s hard to know where or how to get started. This eBook provides career tips that are helpful to database professionals that are looking to move their career to the next level.

Published:  February 13, 2015

A global survey, sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies, reveals 2015 will be a big year for developing business solutions with integrated “Things” – such as industrial sensors, drones, health monitors and smart buildings. The majority (84%) of software developers building IoT solutions in 2015 are targeting business markets, while only 16% are exclusively targeting consumers.

Published:  January 15, 2015

There are multiple considerations for collaborating on metadata within an organization, and you need a good metadata strategy to define and manage the right processes for a successful implementation. In this white paper, David Loshin describes how to enhance enterprise knowledge sharing by using collaborative metadata for structure, content, and semantics.

Published:  January 06, 2015

Companies are continually faced with managing a growing and sometimes disparate suite of third party applications and tools and the underlying databases that support them. Good data is especially important if you’ve been tasked with building out and maintaining your organization’s data warehouse. This white paper addresses how to handle challenges in building a data warehouse from third party application databases.

Published:  December 18, 2014

As an independent consultant, Ron Huizenga used both ERwin and ER/Studio with a wide range of customers. Based on his experience and evaluation, he concluded that ER/Studio had the right features and capabilities to address the complex enterprise data architecture needs of his clients. Read this paper to learn why he made the switch to ER/Studio.

Published:  December 01, 2014

DBAs face many challenges working with SQL Server. A lot of time is spent managing and troubleshooting this tool and there is not enough time to appreciate or explore what the tool has to offer. In this whitepaper, Pinal Dave shares some of his tips and techniques that utilize some of the capabilities available with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) that can help you enhance your productivity.

Published:  December 01, 2014

In today’s enterprise data environment, businesses are dealing with a larger volume of data that has expanded in its variety and velocity, and must assess how to integrate the new ‘big data’ with their existing relational assets. In this analyst report, Carl Olofson shares his insights on the challenges, strategies, and benefits of working with complex data landscapes.

Published:  November 17, 2014

Today, apps are connected with an expectation to easily store information across multiple platforms and devices while still providing immediate and instant access to the user’s data and files. Whether you’re building a new app or updating an existing one, add these 5 BaaS features to your app and you will drive an increase in user engagement and retention.

Published:  October 17, 2014

Linchpin People makes a business of performing WellDBA™ exams to help clients troubleshoot and optimize their SQL Server environments. This whitepaper summarizes a few of the top mistakes that they find organizations making. In most cases they are really things that DBAs just may not be aware of.

Published:  October 16, 2014

Security is often an afterthought when it comes to working with Software. In this whitepaper, we will take a tour of some of the basic fundamental blocks that define security inside SQL Server — permissions. We will also look at some of the enhancements introduced from a security point of view with SQL Server.

Published:  October 14, 2014

Metadata needs to be organized and managed if it is to be leveraged effectively. Published in the DBTA Best Practices Series, this article describes metadata and its value, outlines the importance of integrating metadata in an enterprise data environment, and reviews approaches to implementation.

Published:  September 22, 2014

Developers or DBA have an natural inclination to work with SQL Server Management studio day-in day-out. Lesser known to then is the fact, how cool and productive their tool can be. This white paper will show some of the top 12 cool tips for working with a SQL Server management studio that you always wanted to know.

Published:  September 11, 2014

This paper outlines the security features introduced with SQL Server 2014. Have you ever wanted to keep an Administrator locked out? Did you have a scenario where you wanted to give only limited read access to the whole server for people like Auditors? This whitepaper fill focus on these topics extensively.

Published:  August 27, 2014

Locking and blocking are fundamental to any database to maintain consistency. In this paper we will look at the various ways to identify potential problems of locking and blocking, how they are different and what options SQL Server gives to resolve them.

Published:  August 27, 2014

As a modeling and collaboration platform, ER/Studio is a very capable environment to define, manage and organize metadata effectively. This allows business and data consumers understand how data is used across the organization. This Tech Note documents some of the features that make ER/Studio Data Architect and ER/Studio Team Server particularly well-suited for handling metadata.

Published:  July 01, 2014
Scott Walz

Sybase ASE DBAs have always tackled complex tasks amidst shifting priorities, and pressures only continue to mount. This paper outlines trends impacting Sybase ASE DBAs and teaches techniques critical to streamline and automate database management.

Published:  June 19, 2014
Scott Walz

As a DB2 DBA, you are expected to keep key database systems available and optimized for high performance. This paper details techniques to streamline and automate the management of critical areas required for high database performance and availability -- regardless of the database type or version.

Published:  June 18, 2014

In this white paper, Robin Bloor and Rebecca Jowiak from The Bloor Group discuss the value of metadata and the importance of organizing it well. Learn about the benefits of the ER/Studio Team Server, which lets you:

  • Collaborate on metadata across your organization
  • Manage disparate data sources and definitions
  • Establish an enterprise glossary of business definitions and data elements
  • Improve communication between teams
Published:  June 05, 2014
Karen Lopez, InfoAdvisors

Your data models are brilliant... but only if the DBAs and developers are on the same page. Get more value through collaboration. How? In this white paper, Karen Lopez from InfoAdvisors, Inc. discusses strategies on how to build a little more teamwork and collaboration and get a lot more value from data modeling.

Published:  May 20, 2014

S.A.N Computers has thrived both in spite of and because of the tremendous changes in the travel industry. The company has driven technology innovation to commercial and retail travel agents. Using RAD Studio, they quickly made executive reporting extensions available on both desktop and mobile platforms. S.A.N products have become the de facto industry standard, now in use in over 500 travel agencies in over 50 countries.

Published:  May 16, 2014

Thank you for your interest in reviewing RAD Studio XE6, Embarcadero’s complete software development solution for building true native applications for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS X from a single codebase. This Reviewer’s Guide will give you an overview of some of the key benefits that developers will enjoy with RAD Studio XE6 as well as a walkthrough by building both multi-device apps and Windows applications.

Published:  May 13, 2014

In this paper, you’ll learn:

  • What ARRA, HITECH, Meaningful Use (MU), and Certification mean.
  • How technical personnel such as data architects, DBAs and developers will be affected by MU.
  • The best ways to determine the MU gaps that might be found in existing systems.
  • Additional expertise technical personnel may need to meet MU.
  • How quickly systems will need to be modified and deployed to meet MU rules.
Published:  April 24, 2014

To learn all you can about data modeling for your data warehouse and what to look out for, you need to know how to identify the primary issues that surface. This awareness can help when you run into a scenario where you find architecture that is not fully documented and different from the rest of your database designs.

In this whitepaper we’ll focus on seven common database design “sins” that can be easily avoided and suggest ways to correct them.

Published:  April 24, 2014

This series of videos describes how Team Server’s Application Programming Interface (API) brings your own applications closer to your critical business data, allowing you to access and control your business glossaries, terms and model data quickly and easily. You can see two examples of how this works using the Team Server API demo tool. Team Server works with ER/Studio to enhance your data modeling environment with a single-source enterprise glossary.

Published:  April 07, 2014
Karen López, InfoAdvisors

To help you avoid pitfalls in your data architecture, Karen López describes how to: understand the benefits of an effective enterprise data modeling effort; identify seven common mistakes that organizations can make in developing enterprise data models; and establish a plan to address those issues with ER/Studio

Use these strategies to define and deploy a successful enterprise data model in your company.

Published:  April 03, 2014
Karen López, InfoAdvisors

While data architects like to collaborate amongst themselves using their own procedures and language, they need to consider improving our interaction with our business clients. This paper discusses five things you can do right now to improve collaboration with business users.

Published:  April 03, 2014

Unit testing is an important topic. Very important. Unit testing can mean the difference between a codebase that is clean and maintainable and one that is impossible to maintain.

Published:  March 13, 2014

Many businesses today are looking to identify opportunities to increase efficiency in their business processes and to expand opportunity by using apps on mobile devices. While this is positive,organizations must manage the initiative correctly in order to minimize risk of failure, as getting it wrong can cost much more than just the initial budget allocated for the project; in both time and money, it can severely damage an organization's reputation. Read this White Paper and avoid common missteps.

Published:  March 12, 2014

This 42-page technical white paper covers a typical scenario in the IT world including architecture and techniques for connecting with a database server and providing data to different front-ends using different technologies.

Published:  March 12, 2014

Learn how considering just the feature matrix for a database tool is a mistake. This top 10 guide provides valuable insights that can directly impact your personal productivity (and sanity).

Published:  February 21, 2014

Data is everywhere. Databases are growing at exponential rates across the globe, and someone has to manage the chaos. This is happening as new competitive pressures are forcing companies to continually streamline workforces.

But what does this mean for today’s DBAs? Find out in this whitepaper on The Changing Role of the DBA.

Published:  February 10, 2014

This white paper has been written to help developers that are using versions of Delphi or RAD Studio that were released previous to the launch of Delphi 2009. Read this paper if you are looking for more information on why and how to Unicode-enable a codebase that has been developed using a pre-Unicode enabled version.

Published:  December 24, 2013

In this whitepaper, data management expert Kelle O’Neal leads you through the process of creating a sustainable data governance program:

  • Managing the expansion of data governance
  • Embedding the program
  • Identifying the difficulties of creating sustainable governance
  • Assessing the current state of your data governance
Published:  December 19, 2013

Guerilla governance speeds up the process and reduces costs by focusing scarce resources on projects that add the most value to your organization.

In this whitepaper, data management expert Kelle O’Neal shows you how to:

  • Spot key differences between guerilla and enterprise governance
  • Develop, quantify, and justify your data governance program
  • Create your own plan of action you can execute right now
Published:  December 06, 2013

To help you make a business case for data governance within your own organization, we’ve teamed up with Kelle O’Neal on a whitepaper called “Making the Business Case for Data Governance” that walks you through a step-by-step process to:

  • Quantify the benefits of data governance in your own organization
  • Establish the scope of a data governance program
  • Show a clear connection between data governance and the ability to meet business objectives 
Published:  December 06, 2013

Download the whitepaper “How NOT to Govern Data: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid” to discover:

  • The top 5 mistakes you can make in your data governance program that will virtually guarantee failure
  • Concrete strategies to avoid these pitfalls from the beginning, or correct them once you’ve got them
  • How to incorporate best practices into your broader data governance framework
Published:  December 06, 2013

Throughout this paper, we will investigate many of the capabilities of the FM Application Platform involved in data visualization. We will cover the important role that FM primitives and vector graphics play in visualizing data.

We will take a look at charting and how we can incorporate modern looking charts into our own applications. We will also be taking a deep dive into customized lists on mobile devices and leveraging custom FM controls to achieve very rich displays. And finally, we will investigate how to create truly stunning hi-res images generated from mathematical data.

Published:  November 13, 2013

Learn how to connect with more data, more easily and on more devices with this in-depth technical white paper by Cary Jensen. Enterprise data access can be challenging. While products like dbExpress have solved many of these problems, what is needed is a data access engine that can deal with the rapidly changing world of IT. Multiple devices, operating systems, and form factors create a plethora of touch points. FireDAC is the ultimate multi-device data access library.

Published:  November 12, 2013

This report, sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies, is based on a global survey of 1,337 developers with responsibility for Windows desktop applications. The goal of the survey, conducted in August 2013, was to understand existing demand for mobile applications, experience with mobile development, and concerns with current approaches.

Published:  September 06, 2013

This expert whitepaper will show you the true, cascading costs of using tools such as Visio or Excel for data modeling. You’ll learn how using tools built specifically for data modeling can help you achieve up to a 387% ROI in year one.

Published:  July 31, 2013

This paper offers a deeper look into some of the key elements of the FireMonkey component architecture and the role of styles. Understanding styles is key to working profitably in FireMonkey. Read how styles define controls, look at the different sections of the FireMonkey class hierarchy, see how you can customize individual components, as well as how to write your own.

Published:  July 15, 2013
Joe Maguire and Peter O’Kelly

During the last few years, several database market dynamics have led many people to question the utility of data modeling. In particular, the advent of XML information management, growing frustration with traditional relational database management system (RDBMS) capabilities and vendor relationships, and the expanding influence of cloud platforms have led many organizations to reconsider their commitments to the practice of data modeling. Read this paper for perspectives on why data modeling is more important than ever before, and that organizations that seek to fully leverage database market dynamics must redouble their focus on data modeling.

Published:  July 13, 2013

With mobile's unparalleled growth rate and unmatched subscriber counts, there's no doubt that nearly every developer is either already going mobile, or thinking about it. Even tried and true desktop apps and large-scale enterprise systems have companion mobile apps that let users interact with desktop files or large systems while on the go.

To help you create an awesome mobile user experience for your application, we've prepared a list of common mistakes developers make when going mobile - and how you can avoid them.

Published:  June 19, 2013

This reviewer’s guide will give you an overview of some of the key benefits that developers will enjoy with RAD Studio XE4 as well as a walkthrough by building typical multi-device apps.

Published:  May 02, 2013
Marco Cantù, Embarcadero Technologies

This document is an introduction to changes in the “Mobile” version of Delphi and the new Delphi ARM compiler. The focus of this document is to highlight the language changes and techniques that can be used to port existing code and to maintain backwards compatibility

Published:  April 19, 2013
Stephen Ball

In this paper, we will look at what is required to create a shared library with FireMonkey in RAD Studio that can be used across multiple platforms, specifically with Windows and Mac OS X. We will look at using the new library in Delphi FireMonkey and VCL applications and also with C#.

Published:  January 16, 2013
Bruno Fierens, TMS software

TMS Grid has been a popular VCL component developed over 15 years. This paper gives the background on the requirements and decisions that were made in the creation of the TMS Grid for FireMonkey and gives an overview of its remarkable capabilities.

Published:  December 13, 2012
José León

HTML5 Builder is a complete development environment for web and mobile applications. No matter where you want to run your app, whether it is on a web server, on a mobile device or if you want to publish your apps on any app store, you can do it.

Published:  November 29, 2012

This paper examines some of the features that are crucial to the success of developing with and deploying an embedded database. It will highlight key features of InterBase® and contrast InterBase with other database alternatives for embedded applications. While large enterprises require complex database management systems that can support thousands of users, manage terabytes of data, and need a highly trained support staff, The requirements for an embedded database are quite different from those of an enterprise DBMS.

Published:  November 21, 2012
Marco Cantù

This paper guides a Delphi developer through the DataSnap technology in Delphi XE3. The focus of this document is to offer an overview of the technology and its usage and deployment scenarios, more than a detailed technical analysis of the available features of this multi--‐tier library. I'll cover the options you have in terms of integration with web servers and hosting in the cloud. I'll discuss how to make these services more scalable and robust, and offer a very simple overview of the different types of clients you can build with Delphi and other tools.

Published:  November 07, 2012

This technical paper from Embarcadero will help you develop application code that is production ready by exploring best practices in a five-step load testing workflow.

Published:  October 17, 2012
by Len Silverston

Almost all business applications track information about people and organizations, recording information about customers, suppliers, subsidiaries, departments, employees, and contractors redundantly in many different systems. For this reason, it is very difficult to keep key information such as client contact data consistent and accurate. Examples of applications that store information about people and organizations include sales, marketing, purchasing, order entry, invoicing, project management, and accounting.

Published:  August 30, 2012
by Karen López, InfoAdvisors

Summary: We need data governance in our organizations and we need it to be done correctly. We as data professionals cannot solve this problem alone. In fact, we can’t solve it at all. This is a business issue. We cannot force compliance into systems after the fact, nor can we engineer it into solutions without business ownership of their governance and compliance processes. This paper lays out 5 things we must do to ensure our data governance, stewardship and compliance programs are successful.

Published:  August 10, 2012
Jason Vokes

FireMonkey is able to natively target multiple platforms by taking the low level tasks that an application would otherwise rely on the operating system to perform or provide. You can find out a lot more specific technical information and how you can try the power FireMonkey in RAD Studio, from the references at the end of this article.

Published:  April 28, 2012
Andreano Lanusse

This article gives a few good reasons to migrate, along with an overview of all the new features added to Delphi product releases since version 7, where Delphi was an IDE to build Windows 32-bit applications and became an IDE for Windows 64-bit, Mac and iOS development.

Published:  March 01, 2012
Embarcadero Technologies

A new year brings with it a new set of business challenges as wellas fresh opportunity for forward-thinking companies to navigate anincreasingly complex data management landscape.

Published:  January 19, 2012
Pinal Dave, Creator of SQL Authority (blog.sqlauthority.com)
Published:  January 08, 2012
Sarina DuPont, Embarcadero Technologies
Published:  January 06, 2012
Marco Cantù

In this whitepaper, Delphi Expert Marco Cantù introduces FireMonkey, the next generation business application platform and guides you through the key features while building simple real-world applications for Windows, Mac, and iOS. This paper is meant for developers already familiar with Delphi or C++Builder, and will help you get started and understand the role of the various technologies that are part of FireMonkey, while building business applications.

Published:  October 19, 2011
Daniele Teti, bit Time Software s.r.l.

The need to have a mobile user interface for an existing application to add functionality or to ease the way a client/server system or multi-tier application is used, is growing at an increasing rate in IT. With many companies require their employees to access data from their management software even when out of the office. In this paper you’ll learn how to write a REST service in PHP with RadPHP™ XE and interact with it from an Android application.

Published:  July 15, 2011
Published:  June 29, 2011
Seán Francis, Database Administrator Consultant
Published:  May 21, 2011
Bob Swart Bob Swart Training & Consultancy (eBob42)

Embarcadero® RAD Studio Enterprise XE is the most popular release in years, in large part due to DataSnap XE. The DataSnap® framework enables you to build multi-tier applications with the server built in Delphi and C++Builder, and connect with them via a wide variety of clients and protocols.

Published:  March 16, 2011
Bruno Fierens, TMS software
Published:  March 16, 2011
Al Mannarino, Embarcadero Technologies
Published:  February 15, 2011
Brian Long, Brian Long Consultancy & Training Services Ltd
Published:  February 03, 2011
Marco Cantù

This paper delves into the development of REST servers in Delphi XE, showing how you can use the features available in the box, how to extend them with extra Delphi support code, and how to take advantage of the jQuery library. Within the various models offered by DataSnap, our specific focus will be the development of Delphi REST servers, coupled with browser-based applications written in JavaScript and based on jQuery.

Published:  January 12, 2011
Tana Sabatino, Vallue Consulting
Published:  December 10, 2010
Andreano Lanusse
Published:  November 18, 2010
Published:  November 12, 2010
Bill Todd, The Database Group, Embarcadero Technologies
Published:  November 11, 2010
Published:  September 30, 2010

In this whitepaper, Jonathan Lewis shows you his highly-evolved strategy for writing more efficient SQL.

Published:  June 11, 2010
José León, Qadram Software S.L.
Published:  May 20, 2010

PAR Springer-Miller Systems chose the high performance InterBase embedded database from Embarcadero to power the critical business data behind the scenes of their SpaSoft wellness and spa management application,the standard for the world’s finest luxury hotel, resort and destination spas.

Published:  May 02, 2010
Bill H. Inmon, Forest Rim Technology, LLC
Published:  April 23, 2010
Volker Hillmann, adecc Systemhaus GmbH
Published:  February 18, 2010
Brian Long Consultancy & Training Services Ltd
Published:  February 02, 2010
Bob Swart Bob Swart Training & Consultancy (eBob42)

Get a hands-on approach to the power and flexibility of DataSnap in RAD Studio 2010. From getting your first server and client apps going through to working with .NET as well as using internet protocols and callbacks, Bob "Dr. Bob" Swart leads you in easy steps to get fast and powerful results.

Published:  January 26, 2010

More and more organizations are recognizing the benefits of data warehouses and their ability to support critical business intelligence initiatives. Yet many DW/BI projects fail due to poor collaboration on business requirements, faulty designs, and lack of solid metadata. Many of these challenges can be overcome through effective data modeling practices and data modeling tools.

Published:  January 20, 2010
Ron Lewis, CDO Technologies
Published:  December 22, 2009
Cary Jensen, Jensen Data Systems, Inc.

In this paper, Cary Jensen aims to guide your Unicode migration efforts by sharing the experiences and insights of numerous Delphi developers who have already made the journey. It begins with a general introduction of the issues, followed by a brief overview of Unicode basics. This is followed by a systematic look at the various aspects of your applications that may require attention, with examples and suggestions based on real world experience.

Published:  December 18, 2009
Embarcadero Technologies with contributions from Ron Lewis, CDO Technologies

Many different organizations collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), ranging from hospitals and banks to apartment complexes and utility companies. This paper explains who Embarcadero Technologies offers software solutions that can help U.S. government agencies and departments address some of the most critical requirements set forth in mandates, as they pertain to PII contained within database systems, and to the requirements of FISMA.

Published:  December 04, 2009
Nick Hodges
Published:  December 04, 2009
Jeff Anders
Published:  December 03, 2009
Al F. Mannarino
Published:  December 03, 2009
Marco Cantù
Published:  November 19, 2009

Optimizing System Performance Using Prevent, Find, and Fix Methodologies Embarcadero Technologies

Published:  June 03, 2009

Using Modern Database Management Tools to Simplify and Streamline SOX Compliance

Published:  June 03, 2009

As modern database change management techniques for the Sybase DBA become more sophisticated, there is an inherent need for practitioners to be aware of the increasingly powerful tools available to them.

Published:  June 03, 2009
IDC Executive Brief
Published:  June 03, 2009
Nick Hodges
Published:  June 03, 2009
Marco Cantù
Published:  June 03, 2009
Marco Cantù
Published:  June 03, 2009
Marco Cantù
Published:  June 03, 2009

The productivity benefits of using commercial Eclipse-based Java IDE products from IBM (IBM Rational Application Developer), Genuitec (MyEclipse), and CodeGear (JBuilder) compared to the freely downloadable baseline Eclipse configuration.

Published:  June 03, 2009
Andreano Lanusse
Published:  June 02, 2009
Andreano Lanusse
Published:  June 02, 2009
Al Mannarino
Published:  June 02, 2009
Michael Rozlog
Published:  June 02, 2009
Greg Keller
Published:  June 02, 2009

Using JBuilder to Overcome the Big Four Offshore Development Challenges: Application Quality, Application Performance, Distributed Team Collaboration, and Productivity

Published:  June 02, 2009

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