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The Fastest Connected App Platform for OS X, iOS, Android, Internet of Things, Windows and Beyond!

Embarcadero C++Builder® XE8 is the complete software development solution for rapidly designing, coding, and extending "connected" apps across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and IoT. Build industrial strength and business ready solutions incorporating multiple native client platforms, mobile extensions, smart devices, cloud services, Enterprise and embedded data. Create fast native apps for Windows, OS X and mobile from one codebase.

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What an amazing job Embarcadero did with XE8. I don't know who to thank, but the speed of the compilation and lack of "internal errors" and other issues is awesome.

Our complex app always had issues of some sort or another and now they are gone. I mean gone. XE8 has really come into its own and I am so, so happy I upgraded.

Embarcadero should be so proud…

Software Engineer, CyberSoft, Inc.
C++Builder XE8 What's New

Discover How C++Builder XE8 Expands Your Business

Quickly Extend VCL Apps with Mobile, Cloud, IoT

Extend your existing Windows VCL applications to mobile, gadgets and wearables by easily creating Internet or Bluetooth connections with AppTethering components. Discover and interact with the wide range of Bluetooth enabled gadgets and sensors with standard Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE. Access on device sensors, such as accelerometer, GPS, and proximity sensors with new VCL components.

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Amazing. Not only is RAD Studio XE8 very stable, but the improvements to mobile development and DataSnap are very exciting!

Kelson Palharini,
Developer, Ponto.Sys Sistemas

Be More Productive Than Ever with over 20 New Productivity Features

Get the most productivity from any native development platform to create connected apps for multiple devices and platforms, IoT gadgets, and wearables like smart watches without having to manage separate code bases with multiple frameworks and languages.

C++Builder XE8 adds new features that will make you more productive than ever. With the all new GetIt Package Manager you can browse, download, and integrate new components, right from the IDE!

New coding enhancements include live syntax checking, metrics, structural code highlighting. It all adds up to a more productive developer and to help better understand team productivity and code quality.

C++Builder XE8 Introduces Over 20 New Serious Productivity Features:

  • New! Clipboard History keeps a record of clipboard contents so developers can paste content previously copied.
  • New! Multi-Paste Support performs the same paste operation on multiple source code lines at once.
  • New! Stack Bookmarks improves code navigation.
  • New! Structural Highlighting

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C++Builder XE8 is ready for Windows 10, are you?

With C++Builder XE8 get your Windows apps ready for Windows 10 today

At Embarcadero Technologies, we worked hard to get C++Builder ready for Windows 10. RAD Studio XE8 delivers the platform to get your apps and architecture ready for the biggest release in the history of Windows. Use the C++Builder IDE today with the current Windows 10 preview to build and deploy both 32-bit and 64-bit apps. Embarcadero has fully tested Delphi XE8 Update 1 to be Windows ready and offers full support for your deployed Windows 10 applications.

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NEW! FireMonkey Platform Native Rendering Architecture

FireMonkey’s underlying visual control architecture has been significantly overhauled in XE8 to enable multiple presentation implementations per control called “ControlTypes” - in particular, native OS control presentations can be utilized. The new underlying architecture is MVC based and is backward compatible enabling developers to choose at design time between Styled and Platform control types on a per control* basis (*for controls that include both control types). This allows you to select whether a control will be implemented at runtime by FireMonkey’s GPU driven rendering like or implemented by the underlying operating system.

In XE8 for Universal iOS 32-bit and 64-bit apps, six key performance critical controls now have iOS native platform control types built–in, including TEdit, TListView, TMemo, TSwitch, TCalendar and TMultiView. In the future we plan to add platform control types for other operating systems and components.

Because controls with a Platform .controltype use the same underlying implementation as native SDKs like Cocoa, your FireMonkey apps will have the smooth native scrolling and performance that end-users expect yet use the same component properties, methods and events and are still cross-platform between OSes. This enables you to maintain complete cross platform fidelity across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android and deliver the best user experience possible.

Platform Controls

Know What Your Users Are Doing With Your Desktop, Mobile, and Middleware Apps

Understanding how your end-users are engaging with your app will help avoid app abandonment. AppAnalytics provides developers with a visual representation of how users are interacting with applications built with C++Builder XE8. Custom API analytics and reporting inform the developer how deployed apps are consuming hosted RESTful APIs.

Bring your VCL Windows app to the cloud with C++Builder XE8! Integrate cloud based services from Backend as a Service (BaaS) providers, Kinvey, Parse, and App42 with components for popular BaaS services like notifications, user management, and storage.

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Dealing with Multiple UI Form Factors? Revolutionize the process with FireUI

C++Builder XE8 and the FireUI Multi-Device Designer delivers the only true single source solution for natively compiled applications. Most vendors who support native cross-platform development require separate user interfaces to be written on each platform. Build a common UI that works across the multiple form factors of mobile phones, tablets, and desktop systems. Most mobile development solutions do not support the creation of PC apps for Windows and OS X.

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RAD Studio XE8 looks great in Windows 8, particularly the new color schema and the whole new look and feel of the IDE itself!

Marco Cirinei,
Lead Developer, HappySoft Srl

Mobilize your Business with Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS)

Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) is a new turnkey solution for today's interconnected, distributed apps, offering an easy to deploy middleware server that hosts loadable custom API and data access modules. EMS is based on open and standard technologies, including REST HTTP calls and JSON data formats, and provides major SQL database drivers along with a built-in encrypted SQL datastore. With its user management and authentication plus user and API analytics, Enterprise Mobility Services is ideal for enabling secure access from mobile and desktop apps to Enterprise Databases. EMS is a middleware solution that is stateless, restful, scalable, and secure. Open the world of connected devices to your existing Windows VCL app with EMS!

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Future Proof your Investment with Update Subscription

Support and Maintenance is getting a major update! With a new name, we're introducing many new features and additional benefits for no extra cost! Now you'll get on-going maintenance on previous versions for up to 2 years from release, every fix and update for the current release, early beta access, exclusive content and more!

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Award Winning Solution

C++Builder is an award-winning software development solution, used by millions of developers worldwide and supported by an active community of software developers, technology partners, and component vendors.

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