AppWave: How It Works

How AppWave Provides Rapid Application Access

AppWave should be installed on a central computer that’s accessible 24/7 by your users. Once AppWave is installed, any of your users can access the private store through a browser. Apps are streamed from the AppWave store onto users’ machines. Once fully cached, any application can be used offline.

The following components are included with AppWave™:

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AppWave Studio

AppWave Studio enables application managers and administrators to prepare applications for broadcasting on AppWave. The process is called ‘mastering’ and includes a wizard where binaries are uploaded and packaged, essentially turning those applications into apps that can be accessed on demand by end users who have licenses.

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AppWave Administrator

The AppWave Administrator console enables the team leader or application manager to administer applications, including tracking who is using them and how much each application is being used. This is also the place where access to applications and licenses is controlled – by organizing apps into ‘channels’ to which users and groups are assigned – and a company’s app catalog is managed. Users can be imported from a list, integrated with a company’s active directory (LDAP), or manually entered.

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AppWave Browser

The AppWave Browser is the user window into the private application portfolio. It enables users to browse applications, select and run an app with a single click, and read in-house reviews or expert advice about the application. It’s also where users can bookmark their favorite apps. Apps stream from the central AppWave store to the AppWave Browser.

To upload and use a software application via AppWave, you must first have obtained the application and all applicable licenses from the application software vendor.

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“Enterprise app stores have the potential to improve business productivity by providing a broader variety of applications that better suit the variety of user needs.”

“Enterprise App Stores Reduce Risk and Improve Business Results,”

by Ian Finley


Feb 1, 2012