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PC Software Survey


  • In April 2012, 1500 North American Information Technology professionals participated in an online survey on PC software Applications
  • 72% of information workers find their productivity is reduced by having to search for, install, and upgrade software on their PCs
  • 84% of survey respondents said the ability to have self service, on-demand, one-click access to PC apps would be valuable
  • 48% said that it would be very or extremely valuable to have one-click access to PC software
  • 24% said that their company is looking at an Enterprise App Store, with 6% indicating they are early adopters and already have an App Store in place
  • Over 62% have more than 15 applications on their PC at work
  • 47% of respondents get their apps in other ways than traditional IT deployment

About the PC Software Survey

Embarcadero Technologies conducted an online survey in April 2012 regarding how employees access and acquire PC software applications, and their experience along the way. Invitations to participate in the survey were sent to workers engaged in a wide array of Information Technology roles from IT departments to line-of-business units including Applications Development, Administration, Operations, Systems, Infrastructure, and Support. The 1500 participants came from a broad cross section of North American companies.

Survey Infographic

survey infographic

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Survey Charts

Size of Companies Represented

Percentage of employees who participated allocated by headcount of the company

Software Applications per Employee

Percentage of employees having this range of software applications installed on the their computer

How They Acquire PC Software Applications

All PC applications are purchased and installed by the IT department Individual employees can pick and choose from a specific pool of IT approved PC applications and install Individual employees can acquire and install applications themselves after receiving the appropriate budget approval Other

Productivity Affected

Percentage of those who stated their productivity was reduced because of the time it took to search for, request, receive, and install PC applications

PC Software Application Compatibility

Percentage of employees who stated that they have experienced compatibility issues with different versions of PC software

Percentage of employees who thought there would be value in the ability to have self-service, on-demand, one-click access to PC software applications

Interest in Developing an Enterprise App Store

Already have an App Store in Place Actively developing an Enterprise App Store Interested in an Enterprise App Store But Do Not Have a Current Project Started Not Interested Not Aware if Their Company is Developing an Enterprise App Store

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