Build Facebook and PHP Applications 5X Faster
Developing PHP and Facebook Applications

There are over 20 million PHP servers worldwide, serving up a lot of content on the web - everything from the most used blogging software, WordPress, to websites like Wikipedia. With all of these sites using PHP, there must be something about PHP that helps web developers get their job done better and faster.

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Simple solutions for developing PHP web and Facebook applications

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In this free webinar, learn about PHP web and Facebook application development and why RadPHP XE is a top choice for developing web site and applications using the PHP language, JavaScript and AJAX.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • The basics of creating PHP applications
  • When to use an IDE instead of a code editor
  • Using class libraries like the RadPHP Component Library (RPCL)
  • How to connect and work with databases with PHP
  • Using drag-and-drop components to speed development
  • How to quickly build a Facebook application with RadPHP

The webinar will contain a short overview of the PHP language, and focus mostly on a demonstration of the technology. There should be adequate time for question and answers at the end of the presentation.

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About the Presenter

Mike RozlogMike Rozlog
Product Manager of Delphi Solutions at Embarcadero Technologies

Mike Rozlog is the director of products for Embarcadero. In this role, he is focused on ensuring the developer-focused products being created by Embarcadero meet the expectations of developers around the world. Much of his time is dedicated to discussing and explaining the technical and business aspects of Embarcadero's products and services to analysts and other audiences worldwide. Rozlog was formerly with CodeGear, a developer tools group that was acquired from Borland in 2008 by Embarcadero.

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Creating Your First Facebook Application

Learn how to build a PHP application and deploy it on Facebook.

DataSnap Client Development with RadPHP

Extend the reach of multi-tier applications built with Delphi DataSnap technology on Windows by building a PHP client application.

Using RadPHP XE with Existing PHP Applications

RadPHP XE, in addition to its visual editing capabilities, provides existing PHP developers a powerful IDE with and integrated debugger. Even if you are not interested in RPCL applications or in visual development, RadPHP can help you with your PHP development.

About RadPHP XE

Embarcadero® RadPHP™ XE revolutionizes PHP web development with a completely integrated, rapid visual development approach and component framework. RadPHP XE provides a powerful editor, debugger, visual development tools and connectivity with leading databases. The integrated reusable class library includes components for everything from UI design to building applications for Facebook.

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