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changemanage_demothumb Embarcadero Change Manager Demo
This in-depth demo shows you how to protect databases and manage database changes with Embarcadero Change Manager. Topics include a detailed review archiving database and code definitions, performing database comparisons, rolling back database changes, migrating cross-platform schemas and data, protecting database security, and automating the change control process.
dbartisan_demothumb DBArtisan Demo
This in-depth demo shows you how to perform cross-platform database administration, save time, and reduce errors with Embarcadero DBArtisan. Topics include a detailed review of DBArtisan's cross-platform environment, advanced storage management, database object management, controlling database security, working with and troubleshooting SQL code, using powerful time-saving database utilities, job management, monitoring database performance, and performing capacity planning.
dboptimizer_demothumb DB Optimizer Demo
Join Greg Nerpouni as he takes you on a live tour of Embarcadero DB Optimizer, a SQL profiling and tuning IDE. Embarcadero DB Optimizer maximizes database performance by enabling DBAs and developers to quickly discover, diagnose, and optimize poor-performing SQL. DB Optimizer eliminates performance bottlenecks by identifying data intensive or frequently executed queries, focusing in on specific SQL statements through query statistics (CPU, I/O, wait times), and fine-tuning any problematic statements.
erstudio_demothumb ER/Studio Demo
This in-depth demo shows you how to use Embarcadero ER/Studio, a powerful, multi-level data modeling application, to create, design, and construct logical and physical models. It also demonstrates the advantages of ER/Studio’s collaborative Repository. Topics include a detailed review of logical modeling, physical modeling, reporting, automation productivity, and repository based team collaboration.
erportal_demothumb ER/Studio Enterprise Portal Demo
Join Jason Tiret as he takes you on a live tour of ER/Studio Enterprise Portal, a centralized self-service metadata reporting and search tool. It uses powerful business intelligence and search technology to conduct cross-model and repository-wide searches of data definitions and objects. The Portal also includes standardized HTML reporting capabilities and structured browsing in the repository to enable sophisticated reporting of the repository metadata. It enables Data Architects, Data Stewards, and Business Users the capability to use, share, and better manage metadata for improved collaboration, data governance, and standardization.
joptimizer_demothumb Embarcadero J Optimizer Demo
Join Embarcadero Software Consultant Al Mannarino as he takes you on a tour of some of the key features and capabilities of Embarcadero J Optimizer, a Java profiling and tuning IDE. You will see how to use J Optimizer to quickly identify memory and CPU bottlenecks using the Profiler, and learn how Code Coverage can help improve overall quality of your Java source code. You will also see how the Request Analyzer is used to profile a Java EE application and obtain precise drill-down information through the various layers of Java protocols, down to the specific JDBC calls causing the performance bottleneck. In the final demo, Al shows how the Thread Debugger in J Optimizer is used to identify and predict threading issues and thread locking.
percenter_demothumb Embarcadero Performance Center Demo
Join Scott Walz, Director of Product Management, as he takes you on a tour of Performance Center, a 24x7 database monitoring tool. He will cover topics such as setting custom performance thresholds, alerts and notifications, accessing historical, performance analysis data as well as identify and diagnose problems occurring in real-time, generating performance reports and more.
powersql_demothumb PowerSQL Demo
Join Senior Product Manager, Greg Nerpouni, as he takes you on a live tour of Embarcadero PowerSQL, a rich SQL IDE for application developers. Embarcadero PowerSQL simplifies development with many features for improving productivity and increasing code quality, including code completion, real-time error checking, code formatting, and sophisticated object validation. PowerSQL offers native connectivity for IBM® DB2®, Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server and Sybase® as well as JDBC support for other DBMS, and is available as a stand-alone application or as an Eclipse plugin.
rapidsql_demothumb Rapid SQL Demo
This in-depth demo shows you how to perform cross-platform database development, save time, and reduce errors with Embarcadero Rapid SQL. Topics include a detailed review of Rapid SQL’s cross-platform environment and powerful SQL tools, working with, generating, troubleshooting, and optimizing SQL code, database object management, using powerful time-saving database utilities, and managing code libraries.