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Mobile Development Resources for Visual Studio Developers

Android and iOS are the largest and hottest addressable mobile markets on the planet. These webinar replay videos show .NET and C# developers the fastest way to get there.

Leverage Your C# Knowledge to Get to Android & iOS

You don't have to start over with new, unfamiliar language features (like in Java or Objective-C) or settle for an option that doesn't generate real native code (like JavaScript). You already have the knowledge you need and we can show you how to take it to mobile.

Leverage Your .NET Investments for Android & iOS Development

.NET developers - you can leverage existing skills (e.g. Property Method Event (PME)), and infrastructure (e.g. ASP.Net) into mobile development projects focused on Android and iOS.

Mobile Development Options for .NET Developers

See how to develop native apps on each of the major platforms in a way that is practical to manage and scale, is not cost prohibitive, allows you to keep backend infrastructures in place and design intelligently when dealing with multiple mobile apps across multiple platforms.

Start creating Android and iOS apps today

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