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Flexible development with a single visual framework

Build standalone client and client/server side applications with a single visual framework using standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript. With HTML5 Builder, you don't have to worry about learning a new programming language. You don't need to know how to talk to jQuery or mobile JavaScript libraries. We've made it easy for you. HTML5 Builder comes with hundreds of reusable drag-and-drop components that you can use as-is or customize to help you build your applications faster.

Workflow Optimized UI to speed up your development process

HTML5 Builder boasts a simplified user interface that has been optimized for usability. Context-based workflows only display tools and menus that are applicable to the user's current action, making application development easier than ever before. HTML5 Builder also includes a source code editor, integrating debugging, wizards and other tools for everything from creating a new application to mobile deployment.


canvas regular

HD and 3D dynamic drawing and rendering for enhanced UX

The HTML5 canvas component provides a drawing interface for dynamically drawing and rendering HD and 3D shapes and images using JavaScript. Draw basic shapes, create fluid drawings and charts, add effects to photos and even apply animations to videos – all this with simple drag-and-drop!

Make your apps more interactive with Geolocation Component

Take advantage of the powerful HTML5 Geolocation API using HTML5 Builder and make your web applications and mobile web apps more interactive. The Geolocation visual component enables you to show the user's current location on a map, display location specific information to your customers, and more.

geolocation regular

H5B Videos GoogleChrome

Easily embed media in your web applications

The HTML5 audio and video components make it easy to embed media in your web applications without requiring the user to install plugins like Flash to view them. Videos and audio clips are rendered directly in the browser, displaying the browser's native media controls. Use the audio and video components to play movies or audio tracks, or develop your own advanced media player with customer skins. The possibilities are endless.