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Embarcadero veranstaltet und sponsert Veranstaltungen zur Unterstützung von Aus- und Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten für Anwendungsentwickler auf der ganzen Welt.

Okt 24

Veranstaltungsort: Online Event

Zeit: 12:00 pm CDT

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Webinar: From Vision to UX Design with RAD Studio

Presenter: Sarina DuPont, Manager of Product Management

How do you make your great app ideas come to life quickly with the least amount of pain, frustration and wasted budget? The answer is by creating a solid development plan that follows the three stages of application prototyping: wireframing, prototyping and production. While pen and paper is still an option, there’s a clearer path to success. Join presenter, Sarina DuPont, for a crash course in utilizing digital tools to make you and your apps agile and competitive.

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