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Online Webinar held on:

фев 20

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Effective Usage of Action with Delphi (Turkish)

Presenter(s): Abdullah Ilgaz

See how easy it is to learn Delphi with brand new topics and guests. With our live online trainings we organized in 2021, you will learn about the innovations in Delphi software language, you will be able to ask your questions instantly and live and find answers. With these webinars, you will step into a whole new world for both programming and personal and professional life.

31 Banners Webinar Delphi Ile Action Kullanm 400x600

Online Webinar held on:

фев 19

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Delphi Code Management (Spanish)

Presenter(s): DanySoft Team

Get started with professional version control with this introductory tutorial on managing Delphi projects with Git. Working with version control is not only the best way to collaborate within a team. Also, when we work alone, it allows us to secure projects, create code versions, save copies of releases that are in production, create branches of code in development, etc. In short, managing projects in a more secure, efficient and comfortable way.

11 Banners Webinar Gestion De Codigo Delphi En Git 400x600 April 02 08

Online Webinar held on:

фев 18

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RAD Studio Live 2021 (Spanish)

Presenter(s): Team of Experts, MVPs

The time for our annual conference has come! With a new name and approach to the participation of our community. A completely online event dedicated to RAD Studio.

Join our team of experts, MVPs and users to see what we have new in our tool, how you can make the most of the RAD Studio toolkit, Embarcadero plans with the latest roadmap update and hear directly from our clients how The use of our tools has allowed them to create robust, stable and durable systems in a short time. IMPORTANT: You only need ONE registration to have access to ALL the event days.

025 Banners Social Rad Studio Live 2021 Spain Banner 400x600

Online Webinar held on:

фев 11

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Event-based and Asynchronous Programming in Delphi with Dalija Prasnikar, MVP

Presenter(s): Dalija Prasnikar Embarcadero MVP and Jim McKeeth

Join Embarcadero MVP Dalija Prasnikar and Jim McKeeth for this fireside chat about Event-Based and Asynchronous Programming in Delphi. This is your chance to get answers to your questions on the topic. Learn even more from Dalija’s recently published book 291-page book: “Delphi Event-based and Asynchronous Programming,” and score a 50% discount on the physical book if you purchase the ebook! https://dalija.prasnikar.info/delphiebap/index.html

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Online Webinar held on:

фев 10

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A Cross-Platform Development Deep Dive with the TMS FNC Suite of Components

Presenter(s): Dr. Holger Flick and Bruno Fierens of TMS Software

Join this live deep-dive session with Dr. Holger Flick and Bruno Fierens of TMS Software where the content will focus on your questions with live demos, real-time debugging, and a level of interaction like never before. You won't want to wait for the replay, mark your calendar today!

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Online Webinar held on:

фев 8

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Top 5 Reasons Developers Choose RAD Studio Enterprise Edition

Presenter(s): Stephen Ball, Pre-sales Director

Join Stephen Ball as he explores the Enterprise edition of RAD Studio / Delphi / C++Builder, to help you choose the right edition for you and your team.

024 Banners Webinar Top 5 Reasons Developers Choose Rad Studio Enterprise Edition April 01 18 400x600

Online Webinar held on:

фев 1

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TCoffee and Code Week

Presenter(s): Stephen Ball, Pre-sales Director

Join Stephen Ball as he hosts 5 informal Q&A coffee-break sessions where you can share tips and questions with the industry expert and your peers. Whether you attend one session, some or every session, we look forward to seeing you.

019 Banners Webinar Tcoffee And Code Week 400x600 April 01 15

Online Webinar held on:

янв 29

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DataSnap Server Deployment in Nginx (Spanish)

Presenter(s): Danysoft Team

DataSnap servers are a powerful RAD Studio technology for creating multi-layered applications. These servers have different deployment options, and in this webinar we are going to see how to do it using the Nginx server. Nginx is a lightweight high-performance web server / reverse proxy and a proxy for email protocols (IMAP / POP3), and one of its advantages is being cross-platform, so it runs on Unix-like systems (GNU / Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc.) and Windows.

020 Banners Webinar Despliegue De Servidores Datasnap En Nginx 400x600 April 01 15

Online Webinar held on:

янв 28

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Aqua Data Studio / Part of the RAD Studio Architect Edition (German)

Presenter(s): Matthias Eißing

Aqua Data Studio is an underrated tool for database developers and is part of the Architect Editions of Delphi / C ++ Builder and RAD Studio. This webinar gives an insight into the possibilities of Aqua Data Studio and database development with Aqua Data Studio.

A0eec51b B880 4017 Bd56 A6ecf6e6328a Cg Em Dach Webinar Rad Architect Aqua Data Studio 400x600

Online Webinar held on:

янв 26

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RAD Server on IIS 10 (German)

Presenter(s): Matthias Eissing

Instructions and system requirements describe the use of the Embarcadero RAD Server only with IIS 7 if you want to use the Windows platform. However, it can be used under IIS 10 (Windows Server 2016/2019 and Windows 10). This lecture describes and shows live how to set up the RAD Server under Windows Server 2019 with IIS 2019.

6ce3d7c1 F4e5 4fb4 B3e1 D27101e7bc42 Cg Em Dach Webinar Rad Server Iis 10 400x600

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