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Новинка! Не отставайте от прогресса, перенесите свои приложения в Windows 10 и сохраните пользователей

Windows 10 is the most significant PC release in many years and it is a big opportunity for software developers.

You're a BDS 2006 or Delphi or RAD Studio 2007 user and know all about rapidly developing great apps for Windows. So of course you're going to appreciate the bona-fide boost your skills and market opportunity get when you move up to RAD Studio 10 Seattle. You'll get to mobile, connect and integrate with gadgets, data and services in exciting new ways and make sure your app is ready for Windows 10!

Ознакомьтесь со статьей Windows 10: The Big New Opportunity for Developers (Windows 10: большие новые возможности для разработчиков), где подробно разбирается, почему разработчики RAD Studio находятся в отличном положении, чтобы воспользоваться преимуществами Windows 10, и почему сейчас самое время разрабатывать и развертывать приложения для Windows 10.

Check out the RAD Studio 10 Seattle What’s New page for a complete listing!

Невероятный уровень поддержки Windows 10

Разработчики на Delphi и C++Builder смогут быстро обновить свои VCL- и FMX-приложения и в полной мере воспользоваться бурным ростом интереса к Windows 10. Поддерживаются компоненты Windows 10 и «родные» компоненты и API WinRT/UWP, элементы интерфейса Windows 10 VCL. Также обновлена поддержка Windows 10 FMX.

Double the IDE Project Power

“Behind the Scenes” this release introduces a re-architected product and build management system that effectively doubles the project size capacity resulting in higher stability and performance when dealing with large projects, particularly multi-platform projects. As a developer if you’ve experienced limitations or issues with large projects, this release is the must have upgrade.

Quality and Stability and Documentation

Процедуры разработки, тестирования и составления документации были серьезно доработаны. Теперь они лучше подходят для создания приложений на нескольких языках для платформ, поддерживаемых новой версией RAD Studio. Кроме того, проведенная работа позволила реализовать новые возможности и функции для всех поддерживаемых платформ и языков, обеспечивающие повышенную стабильность, качество и эффективность документации. RAD Studio 10 — это новый стандарт стабильности, качества и эффективной документации.

RAD C++ for Windows 10

C++Builder 10 introduces the world’s first CLANG based C++ compiler for Windows and mobile with RAD PME extensions for rapid Windows and Cross-Platform development, tight integration with VCL for Windows and FMX cross-platform frameworks, C++11 language support, and ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) based memory management for C++, and backward compatibility. The new C++Builder compiler makes RAD Studio 10 a must upgrade for C++ developers or new C++ developers coming from other languages and toolsets such as Java, ObjectiveC, C#, XCode, Xamarin, and Visual Studio.


Connect your apps and business with any web, social, or cloud service – and now gadgets and wearables!

The number and types of devices people interact with on a daily basis have been expanding at an amazing rate. Within a single development environment, you can build high performance, connected applications that easily connect with enterprise data, cloud services, devices, sensors, gadgets…and more! The new Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) allows you to easily connect your users and apps to managed APIs, databases and services with analytics.

Get your app and business to mobile – with iOS and Android

Android and iOS are the largest and hottest addressable mobile markets on the planet. Now you can use your RAD Studio developer skills to create mobile apps and expand your reach to far more users on the most popular platforms.

Power up with 64-bit apps and Parallel Processing

Push the envelope of performance by creating 64-bit Windows applications that take advantage of the latest hardware and access more memory. Easily integrate parallel processing into your existing app with the new Parallel Programming Library. All Windows technologies in RAD Studio 10 Seattle are 64-bit enabled including FireMonkey, VCL, RTL, compilers and debugger.

Integrate your apps with all popular databases

FireDAC database components and drivers are now fully integrated into RAD Studio. This empowers you to give your apps native high-speed direct access to InterBase, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQL Anywhere, Advantage DB, Firebird, Access, Informix, DataSnap and more local/embedded, mobile and enterprise databases.

Unicode-enable your apps to handle data and documents from all modern sources

With Unicode support your apps will be able to read, write, accept, produce, and display Unicode data. You'll dramatically improve your ability to support customers and data from around the world, while eliminating the pain of handling different character sets and data encodings.

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History of Delphi Innovation

Did you know you can now create Android, iOS, Windows and OS X apps with Delphi? Whether you know it as Borland Delphi, CodeGear Delphi or Embarcadero Delphi, this presentation shows you new features by version from Delphi 1 through Delphi XE6.

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Now is the time to upgrade! Don't miss out on the opportunity to modernize your Windows VCL apps and extend your business to mobile. Upgrade to RAD Studio 10 Seattle today.