With C++Builder® XE8, now is the time to extend your VCL and FireMonkey Apps with Mobile, Cloud, Wearables and the Internet of Things! The all new Multi-Device Preview provides a design time side-by-side view comparing your apps UI over different form factors and across all platforms – all in one window! With the all new GetIt Package Manager you can browse, download, and integrate new components, right from the IDE! Easily add proximity awareness to your app with new support for iBeacons and AltBeacons. Wondering how your app is making API calls? AppAnalytics provides developers with a visual representation of how users are interacting with applications built with RAD Studio XE8.

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Creating Universal 32-bit and 64-bit iOS apps is now as easy as it can be. In fact, creating an iOS app is now nearly as easy and stress-free as creating a Windows app!

Mark Mears,
President, Aninoquisi

C++Builder XE8 Introduces Over 20 New Serious Productivity Features

New coding enhancements include live syntax checking, metrics, structural code highlighting, parenthesis matching, and flow control highlighting. It all adds up to a more productive developer and to help better understand team productivity and code quality.

  • New! Project Statistics provides developers with a clear picture of team productivity with activity tracking.
  • New! Clipboard History keeps a record of clipboard contents so developers can paste content previously copied.
  • New! Multi-Paste Support performs the same paste operation on multiple source code lines at once.
  • New! Stack Bookmarks improves code navigation.
  • New! Parenthesis Matching provides a visual queue to keep code clear.
  • New! Flow Control Highlighting provides visual representation of flow jumps in code directly in the editor.
  • New! Structural Highlighting

C++Builder XE8 gives developers the application platform with the tools they need to extend existing VCL Windows or FireMonkey apps to mobile, wearables, and IoT solutions. These solutions are powered by distributed, connected apps that are deployed across Windows, Android, iOS, OS X, wearables, like Smart Watches, IoT devices like Beacons, middleware, enterprise backends, and cloud hosted services.

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C++Builder XE8 is a very comfortable, flexible, and makes multi-platform app development fast.

Andrzej Bury,
Developer, KANEX Sp. z o.o. S.K.

A Complete List of What's New in C++Builder XE8

Key New FeaturesBenefits


  • New in XE8! Support for iOS Universal Apps (including both 32 bit and 64 bit binaries in an app bundle)


  • New in XE8! FireUI Mobile Previews
  • New in XE8! Multi-Device Preview
  • New in XE8! Extended Multi Device Designer views styling, including universal styling and Windows styles customization
  • New in XE8! FireUI Device Manager, to edit the specifications of the available devices and add more
  • New in XE8! Memo platform controls for iOS
  • New in XE8! ListView platform controls for iOS
  • New in XE8! Calendar platform controls for iOS
  • New in XE8! Switch platform controls for iOS
  • New in XE8! MapView component for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) supporting platform specific interactive mapping libraries (respectively, by Apple and Google)
  • New in XE8! WebBrowser component for Windows
  • New in XE8! WebBrowser component for OS X
  • New in XE8! Improved mixing of platform and styled components, with new platform styling options for iOS and controls Z-order improvements (with ControlType property for non-platform controls)
  • New in XE8! ImageList component for FireMonkey
  • New in XE8! Enhancements in FireMonkey multimedia support
  • New in XE8! Support for higher resolutions in Camera components
  • New in XE8! Android Lollipop specific style enabled by default (Android only)
  • New in XE8! FireMonkey Applications Analytics Support*
    * Requires a specific contract and by-volume fee for storing run-time analytics data and accessing it
  • New in XE8! App Tethering extensions and protocol enhancements
  • New in XE8! Bluetooth framework improvements and new TBluetooth component for classic Bluetooth
  • New in XE8! Proximity support based on the "beacons" technology (including the iBeacon and AltBeacon standards) for iOS, Android, and OS X


  • New in XE8! VCL Font Scaling improvements
  • New in XE8! VCL Applications Analytics Support*
    * Requires a specific contract and by-volume fee for storing run-time analytics data and accessing it
  • New in XE8! VCL App Tethering extensions and protocol enhancements
  • New in XE8! Bluetooth framework improvements and new TBluetooth component for classic Bluetooth


  • New in XE8! iOS 64-bit API headers and RTL integration for Delphi and C++
  • New in XE8! Box2D physics engine
  • New in XE8! Object Pascal interfaces for the Box2D physics engine
  • New in XE8! New System.Hash RTL unit, with hash functions to support the new HTTP framework
  • New in XE8! New HTTP client framework, mapped to platforms libraries on all supported platforms
  • New in XE8! New NetHTTPClient and NetHTTPRequest components, offering easy access to the HTTP client framework
  • New in XE8! Support for native HTTP(S) client libraries on Windows
  • New in XE8! Support for native HTTP(S) client libraries on OS X
  • New in XE8! Support for native HTTP(S) client libraries on mobile platforms (iOS and Android)


  • New in XE8! GetIt Package Manager for easy discovery, download and update of source code libraries, components, and other features from Embarcadero GetIt servers
  • New in XE8! Configuration settings migration tool, to migrate configurations of older versions of the product to a newer version, or between different installations of the same version
  • New in XE8! Start Here page improvements
  • New in XE8! extra code refactoring, live syntax checking, metrics, and more integrated right into the IDE
  • New in XE8! Project Manager enhancements, with the support for adding database files and simplifying their deployment
  • New in XE8! Improved installation experience and reduced installation footprint
  • New in XE8! Virtual form positioner for FireMonkey designer
  • New in XE8! Project Statistics provides developers with a clear picture of team productivity with activity tracking.
  • New in XE8! Clipboard History keeps a record of clipboard contents so developers can paste content previously copied.
  • New in XE8! Multi-Paste Support performs the same paste operation on multiple source code lines at once.
  • New in XE8! Modeless and Context-Sensitive Refactoring support which includes: renaming variables, classes, field and properties, inlining, introducing and splitting local variables, removing unused variables, eliminating with statements, extracting methods, adding parameters, and moving classes to a different unit (Object Pascal language only).
  • New in XE8! Stack Bookmarks improves code navigation.
  • New in XE8! Parenthesis Matching provides a visual queue to keep code clear.
  • New in XE8! Flow Control Highlighting provides visual representation of flow jumps in code directly in the editor.
  • New in XE8! Structural Highlighting
  • New in XE8! Code Navigation Toolbar places classes and methods into a drop down box for easy in-code navigation (Object Pascal language only).
  • New in XE8! Smart Keys and Smart Symbol Search (Object Pascal language only)
  • New in XE8! Code Analysis tracks code quality with several code statistics like length parameters, nested statements, and cyclomatic complexity (Object Pascal language only).


  • Enhanced in XE8! Version Insight – Integrated framework for supporting source code management tooling inside the IDE
  • Enhanced in XE8! Subversion integration into the IDE, including change list labels, SVN merge dialog, branches switching and more
  • Enhanced in XE8! Git version control integration into the IDE, now including authentication, Push and Pull changes to and from remote repositories
  • Introduced in XE8! Mercurial version control integration into the IDE (supports cloning your remote repository, commit changes locally, show log data)


  • New in XE8! Integrated unit testing with the DUnitX testing framework
  • Updated in XE8! Unit test wizards for quick and easy unit test and unit test project creation


  • New in XE8! Core DB.PAS TField optimizations


  • New in XE8! FireDAC Teradata database support, based on the Teradata database ODBC driver
  • New in XE8! FireDAC support for XE7 Change Views
  • New in XE8! FireDAC support for change notifications
  • New in XE8! Improved FireDAC updates management
  • New in XE8! Tools and scripts to help migration of dbExpress code to FireDAC
  • Updated in XE8! iOS and Android mobile database support, including SQLite, InterBase ToGo and IBLite
  • Updated in XE8! Comprehensive support for SQLite v3.+ database, including "smart" data type recognition, supporting both dynamic and static linking


  • New in XE8! FireDAC / EMS integration improvements, specifically focused on updates management
  • New in XE8! EMS Push Notifications server support for iOS and Android
  • New in XE8! EMS external credentials support
  • New in XE8! Extended EMS Administrative API, now with EMS Installation and EMS Push Resources
  • New in XE8! Database Connection Pooling and other EMS optimizations
  • New in XE8! New EMSClientAPI component to simplify EMS client side development
  • Enhanced in XE8! User, groups, sessions, and API calls analytics and reporting using a web based interface using the EMS Console
  • New in XE8! Ability to export data from EMS Console to .CSV files
  • New in XE8! Improved analytics for users and groups
  • New in XE8! EMS client application to manage user accounts


  • Enhanced in XE8! DataSnap mobile connectors for ObjectiveC, supporting iOS 7 and iOS 8 SDKs


  • Enhanced in XE8! InterBase XE7 Developer Edition – up to 20 users and 80 logical connections


  • Enhanced in XE8! Earlier version licenses included in network licenses (Delphi 2007- XE7, C++ Builder 2007-XE5, HTML5 Builder XE3, RadPHP XE2). Delphi 7 and C++Builder 6 available separately

Haven't upgraded in a while? Here are new features introduced in other recent releases:

FM = Available for the FM Application Platform
VCL = Available for VCL

Key New Features XE7Benefits

Multi-Device Designer

  • C++Builder delivers the only true single source solution for natively compiled applications on Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android.
  • A revolutionary new way to build a single user interface based on visual form designer that scales and adjust to different types of devices, form factors, and operating systems
  • Develop your UI once and then view and adjust or customize it for each device type (mobile, tablet and desktop; iOS, Android, Windows and OS X)
  • Make changes on the main user interface that are propagated to other device specific user interfaces; fine tune a device specific form factor without affecting the other views
  • Customize layouts and styles for each device as desired or easily utilize the inherited style
  • Predefined views including size and layout standards are included for many popular mobile device, tablet and desktop form factors. You can also add your own.
  • Only one "form class" is required across all of the form factors allowing the developer to create a single source file managing all of the common user interface events in one shared source file.

FireMonkey Behavior service

  • A new service API that allows the framework and developer to query information about the device the app is running on to dynamically adjust itself for the form factor and platform
  • UI element locations are automatically adjusted for each type of target device (for example, the position of tabs on different mobile platforms)

MultiView component

  • The MultiView component is brand new unique FireMonkey component that utilizes the behavior services to dynamically displays itself depending on the form factor and desired platform behavior.
  • The multi-view lays outs menus appropriately for a phone as a drawer and for a tablet as popup or docked menu

Enterprise Mobility Services

  • Enterprise Mobility Services is a turnkey REST based MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) middleware stack that includes API hosting, data access, and SQL Database access and deployment, serving mobile, desktop and web application clients
  • Data management across tiers through middleware that is stateless, restful, and scalable
  • Create custom APIs for your business functionality
  • High-performance enterprise database access for Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server Informix, SQL Server, and many more from a mobile application through the middleware
  • Custom Mobile API management with REST/JSON through loadable modules
  • Data access components for multi-tier data access through standard REST/JSON
  • User, session, and API calls analytics and reporting using a web based interface
  • Secure Data Storage Service on both servers and mobile devices
  • Rapidly connect your apps to your enterprise APIs and databases and services on-premises or in a private cloud
  • Flexible deployment license options. Purchase deployment licenses based on the numbers of users that access the Enterprise Mobility Services

App Connectivity with App Tethering, REST and Bluetooth

  • With App Tethering, RAD Studio makes it extremely easy for apps to broadcast and find other apps to tether with over local WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Extend existing VCL Windows apps with mobile companion apps or Bluetooth devices by simply adding a few components to each app
  • Connect with Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE enabled gadgets like healthcare sensors and wearables to build unique and domain specific solutions
  • Easily connect to REST APIs on any near field device to interact with that gadget
  • Specific Bluetooth LE component to connect with power sipping micro gadgets

Parallel Computing Library

  • The Parallel Computing library helps you exponentially increases performance making it easier to write multi-threaded applications that take advantage of multi-core CPUs
  • Boost the performance of your existing VCL and FireMonkey applications, with a self-tuning thread pool
  • Include the new System.Threading unit in your apps and you can do the following:
    • Parallel 'for' loops
    • Scheduling of tasks
    • Futures
    • Joining of multiple tasks and waiting for all to complete
  • Easy integration for a significant performance boost

IDE and Development Tools Enhancements

  • The new PAServer Manager is an OS X tray app that allows you to start and manage multiple instances of PAServer (the Platform Assistant app for developing iOS and OS X apps)
  • Improved Subversion version control support with new Git version control support
  • New integrated multi-device designer
  • IDE support for adding Java classes to an Android apk
  • IDE Guided Tours to help learn about RAD Studio features
  • New Java2Delphi native bridge file generator for Android

RTL and VCL Enhancements

  • New OmniXML library for faster performance, particularly on mobile platforms and easier selection of default XML engine
  • Improved JSON low level processing
  • Updated C++ STL library for iOS and new versions of Boost and Dinkumware Libraries for Win64
  • Enhancements to the taskbar component introduced in XE6 to support with a new TJumpLists VCL component for Windows Taskbar Jump Lists
  • New unit for Web encoding and decoding
  • Hundreds of quality and performance improvements

Object Pascal Language Enhancements

  • Improved initialization for dynamic arrays
  • Mix and match constant and dynamic arrays
  • String-like operations on dynamic arrays including + operator concatenation, Insert and Delete
  • An array constructor can be used to specify an initial value of a global dynamic array variable
  • Also, generics containers optimizations

Database and FireDAC Enhancements

  • IBLite embeddable database now available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS
  • FireDAC streaming support for blob fields and support for MSSQL file streams
  • Support for DBMS API command native timeouts
  • FireDAC connection parameters are now displayed in the Object Inspector as a record
  • Data Explorer enhancements (primary keys and fields are displayed, foreign keys and fields are displayed, sequences/generators are now displayed)
  • Other FireDAC enhancements including a new IBLite driver for desktop and mobile

FireMonkey Enhancements

  • TEdit and TCalendar controls haves been rewritten to utilize a new presentation architecture: you choose whether you want the control to use the standard styled presentation or a platform native control presentation on iOS dynamically
  • Multi monitor support on desktop platforms
  • The TBannerAd component now supports the Google Mobile Ads API from Google Play Services
  • Immersive full screen mode on Android KitKat
  • TListView pull to refresh on iOS and Android

NEW! in RAD Studio XE6

  • Application Tethering Components FM VCL
  • Taskbar component VCL
  • Cloud Service (BaaS) integration with components for Kinvey and Parse FM VCLVCL/li>
  • New VCL Styles VCL
  • VCL sensor components VCL
  • In-app purchase and in-app advertising FM
  • Create apps for Google Glass FM
  • Accessibility for FireMonkey desktop FM
  • Improvements in quality, performance and stability FM VCL
  • Build Android apps with C++ FM
  • C++ Package Support for 64-bit Windows FM VCL
  • Find definition and find references for C++ FM VCL
  • FireDAC enhancements and Informix driver updates FM VCL
  • Database Explorer for FireDAC FM VCL
  • Apache support (WebBroker)
  • DirectX 11 support FM VCL

NEW! in RAD Studio XE5

  • Develop Android apps with Delphi and iOS apps with C++ FM
  • New mobile components for Android and iOS FM
  • REST Client support to access cloud based RESTful web services (in Professional edition and higher) FM VCL
  • FireDAC integrated into the Delphi install and core components included in Professional edition FM VCL
  • IBLite database for Android with unlimited deployment license FM
  • Develop iOS 7 apps FM
  • Fixes and enhancements FM VCL

NEW! in RAD Studio XE4

  • Develop iOS apps with Delphi iOS ARM compiler, toolchain, new visual development environment and controls for iOS FM
  • IBLite database for iOS with unlimited deployment license FM
  • FireDAC – Powerful, fast and easy data access FM VCL
  • FireMonkey sensors support for location, orientation and motion FM
  • FireMonkey Frames and new TListView component FM
  • OS X full screen mode FM
  • Fixes and enhancements FM VCL

NEW! in RAD Studio XE3

  • C++Builder 64-bit Windows compiler FM VCL
  • Windows 8 support FM VCL
  • Incorporate the Windows modern look into your applications with Metropolis UI FM VCL
  • OS X Mountain Lion and Retina Display support FM
  • Visual LiveBindings FM VCL
  • Enhanced FireMonkey styles, audio/video and 3D FM
  • Fixes and enhancements FM VCL
  • HTML5 Builder for creating web and mobile web apps

NEW! in RAD Studio XE2

  • 64-bit Delphi compiler for Windows FM VCL
  • FireMonkey application platform - create multi-platform, multi-device applications from one codebase FM
  • Create Windows and OS X desktop applications with FireMonkey FM
  • DataSnap mobile connectors FM VCL
  • LiveBindings engine FM VCL
  • FastReport reporting tool FM VCL

NEW! in RAD Studio XE

  • Expanded multi-tier development with DataSnap FM VCL
  • Additional bundled tools (CodeSite Express, IP*Works, Beyond Compare Differ) VCL
  • Cloud computing support for Azure and Amazon FM VCL
  • Subversion integration in the IDE FM VCL
  • Regular expressions FM VCL

NEW! in RAD Studio 2009 and RAD Studio 2010

  • Build touch and gesture enabled applications FM VCL
  • Windows 7 support FM VCL
  • IDE Insight FM VCL
  • Extended RTTI (reflection) added to the Delphi language FM VCL
  • Unicode FM VCL
  • Ribbon Controls VCL
  • Major DataSnap upgrade FM VCL
  • Generics and anonymous methods FM VCL

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