InterBase Product Editions

Which InterBase Edition is right for me?

Attribute DescriptionIBLiteInterBase ToGoInterBase DesktopInterBase Server
Platforms Android, iOS,
Windows, OS X
Android, iOS,
Windows, OS X
Windows Windows, OS X,
Linux, Solaris
Licensing of CPU Cores 1 4 4 8
Maximum simultaneous users 1 1 1 1 to Unlimited
Number of connections per user 1 8 8 4
Access local database from clients on remote systems No No No Yes
Connect to server hosting database on remote systems Yes Yes Yes Yes
TCP listening server No No No Yes
Strong (AES) database and column encryption No encryption Yes Yes Yes
Strong network (SSL) encryption No encryption Yes Yes Yes
Able to import add-on licenses No No No Yes
Database file size limitation 100MB No limit No limit No limit

Server EditionServer Edition

Does your business care if its data gets lost? As a high proportion of businesses that lose their data go out of business within a year, InterBase Server offers powerful point-in-time data recovery capabilities through its journaling feature. Journaling is part of the server edition and can help you get back up and running with all your data even in the event of primary hardware failure when the backup has not run for a while!

How much do you care about people seeing your data? Data security is important both on and off your server. InterBase offers both DES and AES encryption standards with separate backup encryption keys for secure data storage at all times, both on and off the server! As most data breaches are accidental, InterBase Server supports best practices around data visibility by combining it into the data layer so once updated, it is supported by any application that accesses your database.

Do you need a database that is cost effective and grows with you? If you need multiple users or devices connected to the same database at the same time then InterBase Server is definitely the edition for you. As InterBase has a small footprint, both on disk and in memory, it is ideal for use in small business servers that may be shared with other applications through to larger enterprises. In short, InterBase Server scales as your business grows! Additional user seats and CPU cores are easily added (you get 8 cores included and can add up to 32 cores) supporting 100's of concurrent users.

With these capabilities, InterBase Server is your best choice for Enterprises, ISVs, OEMs and VARs who need to silently run a database with their applications and care for the safe storage and management of data they are entrusted with!

Supported platforms:

  • InterBase XE3: Windows and Linux
  • InterBase XE: Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris

ToGo EditionToGo Edition

Do you require reliable and secure local data storage that requires no installation and is lightning fast? If so, InterBase ToGo edition is for you!

InterBase ToGo Edition is a full-featured embeddable database designed for modern PC and mobile apps. InterBase XE3 requires no installation, allowing easy deployment inside your application. With many of the key features offered by InterBase Server, such as zero administration, an even smaller lightweight footprint and the same security model that supports best practice in data access, InterBase XE3 ToGo offers an incredible solution for VARs, OEMs and ISVs who are looking to store data in both desktop and mobile applications securely.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows and OS X


Do you want a zero-admin, ACID compliant, lightweight and fast database that is run-time-royalty free? Would you like the flexibility to super charge the database even after deployment with powerful extras, such as encryption and additional diskspace? Ideal for free applications, and those applications that want to offer encryption as an extra, IBLite is a binary compatible version of InterBase ToGo that can easily be upgraded by simply changing the license file! IBLite is available with Delphi and C++Builder XE7 (Professional with Mobile and above), RAD Studio XE7 (all editions) and Appmethod.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, OS X

Desktop EditionDesktop Edition

Do you need the power of InterBase for a standalone machine? InterBase XE3 Desktop Edition provides you with a great solution for stand-alone machines that have one or more applications that need to connect to the same or different databases. Desktop Edition offers SQL RDBMS capabilities for local connection from multiple applications and scales to 4 CPUs/Cores while providing you with all the InterBase features including small operational footprint, AES data encryption for more security, high availability and performance, and zero administration. Perfect for small to mid-size ISVs, OEMs and VARs who need to embed a database into their applications.

Supported platforms: Windows

freeibeditions212x212Developer Edition

InterBase XE3 Developer Edition is a full-featured free server edition, zero administration, lightweight and powerful database to embed into your application. This version gives you an option to develop with InterBase on your development machine. Downloading and installing this version does not give you permission to use InterBase in deployment or production for free. You must use one of the other paid versions of InterBase to use for deployment and actual production.

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris

VAR and OEM Special Pricing

OEMs and VARs can get special pricing by setting up a VAR agreement. Contact your sales rep for more information.