What's New in InterBase XE3

Wherever your apps are, InterBase is there. With InterBase you get true cross-platform flexibility and portability, from device to server, and across Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Linux and Solaris.

LinuxInterBase XE3 for Linux 32-bit

New in XE3 Update 4! InterBase XE3 Update 4 Server Edition now includes support for Linux 32-bit including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.10, RHEL 6 and SUSE Linux Enterprise 11. This new platform is available as a choice when purchasing InterBase XE3 Server and is also included in the latest Developer Edition and InterBase Server Trial.

Build Cool AppsIBLite for Android, iOS, Windows,
and OS X

Now you can use InterBase as the embedded database in your Android and iOS mobile apps! Develop your apps with Embarcadero RAD Studio and easily embed and connect with the IBLite database to store your app's data. You get a free, unlimited deployment license for IBLite for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS when you buy RAD Studio XE7 or Delphi XE7with Mobile or C++Builder XE7 with Mobile. That means zero cost to deploy IBLite with your mobile or desktop apps. Get started with IBLite today:

InterBase ToGo for Android and iOSInterBase ToGo for Android and iOS

Ready to take your mobile apps to the next level in scalability and security? InterBase ToGo extends IBLite for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X to work with larger database files (>100MB) and provides strong (AES) database and column encryption as well as strong network encryption (SSL). Ideal for corporate apps and apps where data security is a must.

Three-RAD-logosTight integration with RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder for seamless deployment

InterBase free Developer Edition is included with RAD Studio, C++Builder and Delphi. With InterBase XE3 you get easy deployment of your applications to Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and OS X (plus Solaris with InterBase XE). Your database will be packaged with RAD projects so when you deploy your project to any platform, InterBase will automatically get deployed with it.

64bit212x212New 64 bit ODBC driver allows easy deployment on 64 bit platforms.

InterBase XE3 offers new ODBC drivers for 64 bit allowing you to deploy and use InterBase on 64 bit clients and server. Also, embed InterBase with your 64 bit ODBC applications (Windows only) and deploy it across multiple platforms.

What was new in InterBase XE?

  • Improved Security
    Stronger password protection with cryptographic hash function. InterBase XE also supports passwords up to 32 characters in length to comply with the most stringent security requirements.
  • Improved Scalability
    InterBase now has the ability to manage more data and larger databases
  • Features for Easier Development
    Support for Dynamic SQL in Stored Procedures.
  • Improved handling for large objects
    Optimized performance for large objects with Stream methods