The RAD Studio Multi-Device Application Platform

App development today often extends far beyond the device with the need to support real time communication and access to enterprise data and cloud services. RAD Studio's Multi-Device Application Platform makes it possible for developers to deliver truly connected computing from the desktop and mobile devices through to back-end services and data. Deployment of all of these technologies is royalty-free, making RAD Studio a cost effective solution compared to other app platforms that require a per-user or capacity based runtime fee.

C++Builder Multi-Device Development

Rapidly connect your apps to your enterprise databases and services on-premises or in the cloud with FireDAC enterprise database connectivity,
DataSnap n-tier middleware, and access to cloud-based RESTful web services and BaaS providers.

FM App PlatformCreate multi-device client apps with the FMX Framework

The FireMonkey FMX Framework is the app development and runtime platform behind RAD Studio. With the FireMonkey framework, you develop apps fast using visual components. And you don't have to maintain separate development projects to deliver your app natively for multiple device form factors on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.
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High performance accessGet high performance access to all your data sources with FireDAC

RAD Studio's FireDAC data access technology enables your application to seamlessly connect to a wide variety of data sources while retaining vendor-specific database features and native performance. You get high speed database connectivity for Microsoft SQL Server, InterBase, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Firebird, SQLite, PostgreSQL, other popular embedded and server databases, and ODBC.
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datasnap Build server-side data and app services with DataSnap

DataSnap (included in RAD Studio Enterprise, Ultimate and Architect editions) enables you to create data and application services, like Custom APIs, that can be accessed from client apps on Windows, Web, iOS, Android and more. DataSnap servers support REST, JSON, COM, HTTP, TCP/IP, and other standards for ultra-flexible connectivity from virtually any platform. Apps can be hosted on your server or in the cloud.
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Create RESTful web servicesAccess cloud based RESTful services

RAD Studio has a REST Client library, available on all platforms, and focused on simplifying the invocation of REST services by any third party provider. The library features authentication support and JSON response manipulation, with dataset and LiveBindings mappings. The three core components make it easy to parameterize your requests in many different ways and easily access web services and backend as a service (BaaS) providers.
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BaaSConnect with BaaS providers

Integrate cloud based services from Back-end as a Service (BaaS) providers, Kinvey and Parse, with components for popular BaaS services push notifications, authentication, and storage with Kinvey; and authentication and storage with Parse. You get easy access to these common services in the cloud without having to build them yourself or maintain them. Add user authentication to your apps. Use push notifications to engage your users. Access data and object storage in the cloud.

Choose RAD Studio Enterprise, Ultimate or Architect editions for the full Multi-Device Application Platform feature set. Professional edition includes a subset of VCL and the FMX framework for creating client apps, FireDAC local/embedded database connectivity for select databases, and the REST Client library. Professional edition does not include DataSnap or remote server database connectivity.

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