LiveBindings in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder

LiveBindings provide a way to connect user interface controls and datasets. Visual LiveBindings in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder provides a visual design surface that makes connecting data and UI elements as simple as drawing a line between component properties. No need to write expressions or do all your work in code. You'll find that Visual LiveBindings make developing database connected, UI rich applications easier, more intuitive and more enjoyable than ever before. Visual LiveBindings are available in the Professional edition and higher.

component property324x212 Save Time and Effort by Binding Visually

The LiveBindings Designer makes it really easy to visually bind user interface elements with data. Bind data and properties by simply drawing lines between objects. Whether you're binding properties of two user interface elements to keep them in sync or binding data to controls, you can see the available bindable properties and fields, and make the connections visually – without coding.

livebindings layerimage324x212 View and Manage Your LiveBindings

Once you've created your LiveBindings, you can also use the LiveBindings Designer to manage them. Visually view the connections to see the big picture or zoom in on the details. The LiveBindings Designer also provides layers management so you can organize your project into 'Photoshop'-like layers and easily toggle layer visibility to filter your view as you work on different areas of your project.

livebindings324x212 Quickly Prototype and Move to Production

Now it's easier than ever to prototype the database connectivity in your applications. The PrototypeBindSource component gives you sample data in multiple formats that you can bind into your application and test with. When you're ready to switch to real data, simply swap the connections to your production database and you're on your way.

livebindings actions324x212 Leverage LiveBindings Actions in your Applications

Use LiveBindings actions in connection with controls like buttons and toolbars in your FireMonkey and VCL applications to easily navigate images and data in your applications. Apply a Metropolis UI style to your FireMonkey application and quickly recreate a Windows 8 style flipview by applying LiveBindings actions and adjusting some button style settings.

Visual LiveBindings are available in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder - Professional editions and higher.

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