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Learn why Windows 10, the most significant PC release in many years, is a big opportunity for software developers. Gain an understanding of how RAD Studio developers are ideally placed to take advantage of Windows 10 and why now is the time to prepare for new ways of developing and deploying Windows applications.

The new InterBase® patent pending feature “Change Views” introduces a new approach to tracking data changes (with field level granularity) in server as well as personal computer/tablet/mobile databases. It is designed for today’s mobile centric world. Furthermore, Change Views offer developers a way to break traditional constraints in their thinking about data change tracking and the life span of data in briefcase models. Through its Change Views technology, InterBase provides easy access to a highly scalable change-tracking engine that developers can easily mold to fit their requirements, regardless of whether they need to keep 1 or 100,000 destinations up-to-date.

Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) is a multi-tier framework that first shipped with RAD Studio XE7. This white paper is designed to provide you, the software professional, with the information you need to get started with EMS today. You will learn how EMS interfaces with the various technologies necessary to support your applications, and why this approach is so valuable in today's distributed computing landscape. The paper continues by showing you how to get started with your EMS development including how to install EMS and make basic calls into this service. Importantly, these calls are standard REST REpresentational State Transfer) calls, which can be emitted by any language or framework that understands HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). After a brief discussion of REST, you will learn how to make some of these basic calls using a browser, RAD Studio's REST Debugger, and a Delphi application.

A global survey, sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies, reveals 2015 will be a big year for developing business solutions with integrated “Things” – such as industrial sensors, drones, health monitors and smart buildings. The majority (84%) of software developers building IoT solutions in 2015 are targeting business markets, while only 16% are exclusively targeting consumers.

Today, apps are connected with an expectation to easily store information across multiple platforms and devices while still providing immediate and instant access to the user’s data and files. Whether you’re building a new app or updating an existing one, add these 5 BaaS features to your app and you will drive an increase in user engagement and retention.

Thank you for your interest in reviewing RAD Studio XE6, Embarcadero’s complete software development solution for building true native applications for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS X from a single codebase. This Reviewer’s Guide will give you an overview of some of the key benefits that developers will enjoy with RAD Studio XE6 as well as a walkthrough by building both multi-device apps and Windows applications.

Unit testing is an important topic. Very important. Unit testing can mean the difference between a codebase that is clean and maintainable and one that is impossible to maintain.

Many businesses today are looking to identify opportunities to increase efficiency in their business processes and to expand opportunity by using apps on mobile devices. While this is positive,organizations must manage the initiative correctly in order to minimize risk of failure, as getting it wrong can cost much more than just the initial budget allocated for the project; in both time and money, it can severely damage an organization's reputation. Read this White Paper and avoid common missteps.

This 42-page technical white paper covers a typical scenario in the IT world including architecture and techniques for connecting with a database server and providing data to different front-ends using different technologies.

This white paper has been written to help developers that are using versions of Delphi or RAD Studio that were released previous to the launch of Delphi 2009. Read this paper if you are looking for more information on why and how to Unicode-enable a codebase that has been developed using a pre-Unicode enabled version.

Throughout this paper, we will investigate many of the capabilities of the FM Application Platform involved in data visualization. We will cover the important role that FM primitives and vector graphics play in visualizing data.

We will take a look at charting and how we can incorporate modern looking charts into our own applications. We will also be taking a deep dive into customized lists on mobile devices and leveraging custom FM controls to achieve very rich displays. And finally, we will investigate how to create truly stunning hi-res images generated from mathematical data.

Learn how to connect with more data, more easily and on more devices with this in-depth technical white paper by Cary Jensen. Enterprise data access can be challenging. While products like dbExpress have solved many of these problems, what is needed is a data access engine that can deal with the rapidly changing world of IT. Multiple devices, operating systems, and form factors create a plethora of touch points. FireDAC is the ultimate multi-device data access library.

This report, sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies, is based on a global survey of 1,337 developers with responsibility for Windows desktop applications. The goal of the survey, conducted in August 2013, was to understand existing demand for mobile applications, experience with mobile development, and concerns with current approaches.

This paper offers a deeper look into some of the key elements of the FireMonkey component architecture and the role of styles. Understanding styles is key to working profitably in FireMonkey. Read how styles define controls, look at the different sections of the FireMonkey class hierarchy, see how you can customize individual components, as well as how to write your own.

With mobile's unparalleled growth rate and unmatched subscriber counts, there's no doubt that nearly every developer is either already going mobile, or thinking about it. Even tried and true desktop apps and large-scale enterprise systems have companion mobile apps that let users interact with desktop files or large systems while on the go.

To help you create an awesome mobile user experience for your application, we've prepared a list of common mistakes developers make when going mobile - and how you can avoid them.

This reviewer’s guide will give you an overview of some of the key benefits that developers will enjoy with RAD Studio XE4 as well as a walkthrough by building typical multi-device apps.

This document is an introduction to changes in the “Mobile” version of Delphi and the new Delphi ARM compiler. The focus of this document is to highlight the language changes and techniques that can be used to port existing code and to maintain backwards compatibility

In this paper, we will look at what is required to create a shared library with FireMonkey in RAD Studio that can be used across multiple platforms, specifically with Windows and Mac OS X. We will look at using the new library in Delphi FireMonkey and VCL applications and also with C#.

TMS Grid has been a popular VCL component developed over 15 years. This paper gives the background on the requirements and decisions that were made in the creation of the TMS Grid for FireMonkey and gives an overview of its remarkable capabilities.

HTML5 Builder is a complete development environment for web and mobile applications. No matter where you want to run your app, whether it is on a web server, on a mobile device or if you want to publish your apps on any app store, you can do it.