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InterBase Funções

Banco de dados SQL embutível, ultrarrápido e escalável, com segurança de dados
de nível comercial, recuperação de desastres e sincronização de mudanças

Your data everywhere

Multiplatform Support

InterBase is certified to run on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS allowing you to develop on one platform and deploy anywhere. InterBase also supports heterogeneous OS connectivity across all supported platforms. Coupled with a single cross-platform on disk format, InterBase works smoothly through the development life cycle while drastically simplifying and reducing workload around change tracking, configuration, and testing.

Client and Server Data Storage

From a single-user, deeply embedded database to a database server with hundreds of simultaneous connected users, InterBase offers commercial-grade data storage on both server and clients powering online and offline application capabilities.

InterBase comes in two specific flavors: installed server (represented by Server, Developer, and Trial edition) and the deeply embedded version that doesn’t require installation (represented by InterBase ToGo/free IBLite).

InterBase ToGo/IBLite can also be used without an InterBase server as a stand-alone, deeply embedded database across multiple platforms (including iOS and Android). Using InterBase for local storage reduces the need for network traffic, thus reducing costs and also improving your application speed and user experience. Change Views provides the infrastructure for ensuring offline data is kept current with minimal effort. Read the Change Views white paper

Silent Installation

The InterBase server has an embeddable installer to allow for silent install of InterBase server and client drivers, providing your secret competitive advantage. Rather than using the client driver, deploying InterBase ToGo (or IBLite) adds local data storage to the client.

Formato único em disco

InterBase offers a single file format that works across all platforms. This makes it easy to develop on your platform of choice and then deploy your applications anywhere. Right through the product life cycle, from define, to build, to test and deploy, having a unified on-disk format allows you to quickly support and test even mobile databases directly from your development machine. In addition, a single cross-platform encryption model reduces a number of configuration challenges typically linked to the unique way different platforms are configured.

Criptografia entre plataformas

How much do you care about people seeing your data? Data security is important both on and off your server and devices. InterBase encryption supports both weak DES and strong AES 256-bit encryption in two elements: 1) over-the-wire encryption of network traffic and 2) database data-at-rest encryption. InterBase encryption is built into the database as part of its cross-platform single-file format, allowing InterBase to offer protection of data everywhere it resides throughout the development life cycle.

Data visibility is defined by a specialist login to the database (SYSDSO) with column-level granularity, ensuring that even developers cannot bypass encryption to view and search for sensitive data (unless your Data Security Officer allows them access). Having granular column-level encryption built into your data layer drastically reduces the risk of data breaches through requirement changes and product refactoring as your data layer (and not your application) is managing data visibility.

Along with providing role-based user security that can be bound to encryption configuration, InterBase also supports a backup-specific encryption key. The backup key provides no access to the data but does allow an encrypted backup to be created and answers the needs of those requiring command-line backups to be run via scheduling.