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InterBase Funções

Banco de dados SQL embutível, ultrarrápido e escalável, com segurança de dados
de nível comercial, recuperação de desastres e sincronização de mudanças

Fast & Lightweight


With InterBase, you can rely on powerful SMP experience to supercharge your applications with one of the fastest native databases available. InterBase leverages today's multicore CPUs and multi-CPU systems, along with a unique versioning approach and advanced disk I/O caching, to retrieve and update your data blazingly fast.

Pegada pequena

In its smallest distribution, InterBase is only a few megabytes. The small on-disk footprint and small in-memory requirements make it ideal for devices requiring a commercial-grade embeddable database engine from laptops to tablets and phones. As InterBase scales with your application, it can take advantage of more powerful servers and can be configured to run fully in memory for blazing fast speed, all with the security of immediately writing to disk thanks to enterprise-grade features like journaling.

Easily Installed and Deployed

The InterBase server installer can be quietly embedded into your own installer or run manually as part of your installation. InterBase can be installed in seconds, and unlike some databases, it doesn’t require a three-day training course just to set up a blank database.

When it comes to InterBase ToGo, no installation is required! Just deploy the InterBase libraries along with your application and you gain both client drivers and local database storage with full access to features like Change Views and user security.

Award-Winning Change Tracking

Dramatically reducing the amount of data moved and lowering data costs, network traffic, server CPU demand, and disk I/O all add up to why the patent-pending Change Views is blazingly fast and improves data scalability. Without the need for log tables, triggers, special database users, or time-stamp fields, Change Views is exceptionally lightweight and fast and is built into the InterBase core to work on both server and deeply embedded versions of InterBase.

Read the Change Views white paper

Encryption That Doesn’t Slow You Down

InterBase helps speed up the development processes and makes development safer and more agile by removing the need for developers to write, test, and focus on encryption. InterBase encryption is seamless and integrated directly into the database layer, meaning your developer can focus on writing application code and business logic while leaving the database to worry about who can see what data.

Additionally, InterBase encryption adds very little overhead to the database speed and performance while still maintaining full on-disk encryption.

In-Memory Speed, Immediate Write Security

Journaling provides the security of immediately writing changes to disk, with the benefits of a full in-memory database system. Journaling can be enabled on a database through a single line of SQL and requires no changes in your application to have them enabled. Journaling is sometimes referred to as write-ahead logging (WAL). Many medical systems around the world rely on InterBase journaling to deliver speed and security to their systems. Read more: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/InterBase/XE7/en/Journaling_and_Disaster_Recovery