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Embarcadero Academic Program

Inspiring the Next Generation

Embarcadero is committed to developer education worldwide. Teachers at all stages of education, from high school to universities, use our tools, documentation, and books to inspire the next generation of computer scientists, opening up the world of STEM opportunities to all students.


Which Language Should You Teach?

Whether you choose Delphi or C++, students will learn the foundations that are applicable to other languages and prepare them for the job market.


When you teach programming, you need a language that is clear, understandable, and yet doesn’t hide basic and important computer science principles. That language is Delphi: a modern, powerful, object-oriented evolution of Pascal; a language designed to teach good development thinking and practices. Delphi’s language clarity is not just for educational understanding, Delphi is used in thousands of well-known applications by major vendors on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux.


C++ is the most widely used native application development language today, forming the basis of operating systems, games, and hundreds of enterprise applications C++ Builder provides the best modern platform to learn C++ in a highly visual environment. Developers can not only develop and compile code with a best in-class IDE and technology, but develop highly graphical interfaces that can work on multiple devices from the same source code.

Award Winning Education Tools

Our developer tools are easily accessible for all stages of education, including high-school, universities, as well as independent studies through our Community Editions for Delphi and C++. Teachers can leverage our extensive online documentation and selected free books to create custom education packages and classes.

Embarcadero offers an Academic Edition of RAD Studio available to accredited educational institutions that want to incorporate teaching with RAD Studio into their curriculum. The Academic Edition is equivalent to the RAD Studio Enterprise Edition, including both Delphi (Object Pascal) and C++ languages, as well as support for client/server database access, multi-tier application development with RAD Server and DataSnap, and additional capabilities beyond what is available in the Professional or Community Editions.

Community Edition is limited to five installations on the same network, while the Academic Edition does not have this limitation. Students are still encouraged to install CE at home free-of-charge. For more information on Academic Edition please contact your representative.