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Embarcadero hosts and sponsors events to support education and training opportunities for application developers everywhere.

九 24

Location: Online Webinar

Time: 11:00 am CDT

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Moving Your Application to the Microsoft Store

Presenter(s): Olaf Monien, CEO Developer Experts, MVP

In this webinar, you will learn about the steps required to publish your Delphi Windows application to Microsoft’s App Store.

The Microsoft Store and the APPX bundle allows for easy deployment and updating of applications. During this webinar learn how to build and deploy APPX bundles. Even if you don't want to deploy your app through the Microsoft Store, you can use the APPX for easy deploy, update, and uninstall for direct distribution.

The session covers debugging APPX bundles, creating a certificate file, provisioning, submitting your app, migrating existing projects to APPX, working within the APPX sandbox, and more.

九 25

Location: Online Webinar

Time: 11:00 am CDT

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Enterprise Connectors Spotlight: Gmail and Bing Search

Presenter(s): Olaf Monien

Join Olaf Monien on Wednesday, September 25, as he demonstrates the capabilities of two Enterprise Connectors:

  1. Gmail. Your Delphi and C++Builder apps can easily send and receive email and manage Gmail messages & folders.
  2. Bing Search. Easy-to-use Bing search client enables Delphi and C++Builder Apps to easily search Microsoft Bing and filter search results.

Enterprise Connectors provide straightforward access to live application, database, and WebAPI data through FireDAC database connectivity. Current Update Subscription customers who register and attend are eligible for a free one-year license of the two connectors.

*Must register using the email address associated with your Update Subscription.

十 22


Time: 6:00 am CDT

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Embarcadero Conference 2019 - Brazil

Do you know that sensational idea you and your team had to revolutionize the market or meet a specific need for your company? It's time to put it into practice! Embarcadero Conference 2019 is coming to bring your ideas to life, bringing the latest in technology and development techniques. Here's how to take charge of your projects from start to finish, in all its stages: from idealization, prototyping and development - web, desktop, and mobile - to testing. It will be a whole day sharing knowledge and practice, lots of practice! Many news is yet to come, participate and be surprised again!

十 28

Location: Düsseldorf

Time: 2:30 am CDT

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EKON 23 - The Conference for Delphi & More - Germany

At the Developer Conference, the world’s leading Delphi experts, thinkers and practitioners will share their craft and mastery secrets.