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Key Features:
  • Support for leading commercial and open source Java application servers.
  • Visual EJB, JPA and Web services development.
  • Performance tuning with memory and CPU profiling capabilities.
  • Profile performance across JDBC, RMI, JSP, JNDI, EJBs, JMS, and Web service protocol containers.
  • Code coverage and analysis.
  • Code audit and metrics.
  • Swing UI designer.*
  • UML 2.0 modeling and code archeology.
  • Collaborative team development with integrated tracking, source code management, project planning and continuous builds.
  • Centralized license management and tool deployment with Embarcadero ToolCloud

JBuilder® is one of the most complete and powerful Java IDE’s available with support for the leading commercial and open source Java EE 5 application servers.

  • Improve code quality and performance
  • Increase individual and team productivity
  • Improve comprehension of new or existing code

JBuilder’s code profiling and performance tuning tools, which include the ability to profile Web applications, enable Java developers to deliver high performing, scalable applications.  With the built-in audits and metrics, you can measure the overall quality of the object design, the complexity and cohesion between objects, the extent of test coverage, and many other factors to help pinpoint potential maintenance, quality and performance issues.

To maximize developer productivity JBuilder includes several visual designers including EJB and JPA Designers enabling developers to create a visual model as they develop EJB applications and enable the creation of a Java modeling project with JPA support, a Web Services Designer which provides a visual, two-way designer for creating Axis based Web Service-enabled applications, and a Swing UI Designer for fast, easy creation of Swing-based UIs.

The UML modeling capability in JBuilder fosters better communication between developers, developer teams, and management and supports both the 1.4 and 2.0 UML specifications.  And, with LiveSource® you have the added benefit of simultaneous synchronization between the code and diagrams when making changes to either one.

JBuilder is part of the Embarcadero family of software development tools for Java, Windows, Mac, .NET, Web and mobile including RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder, Embarcadero Prism, and RadPHP.

* Swing Designer is provided as is, and is not supported.

Feature Highlights

Graphical EJB Designer - a visual point-and-click, two-way designer with instant navigation between visual EJB components and source.

  • Create a visual model when developing EJB applications.
  • Visually design EJB 3.0/JPA entity relationships and configure database mapping.
  • Visually configure persistence properties for EJB 3.0/JPA.
  • Create an EJB Modeling Project based on a WTP XDoclet Project.

Web Services Designer - Visual two-way designer for creating Axis based Web Service-enabled applications.

  • Visual design surface to quickly create, implement, and validate Web services.
  • Expose a simple Java class or EJB Session Bean as a Web Service.
  • Visual representation of WSDL with methods and operations.
  • Set service and WSDL options with inspectors.
  • Debug Web service and Web Service client concurrently.

Audits and Metrics - provides developers and managers with measures of the quality and complexity of the project.

  • Metrics evaluate object model complexity and quantify your code.
  • Audits provide information on design issues, naming conventions, and other items which can impact code quality.
  • Create specific QA sets for source code audits and metrics, and save them to a local file system, or as part of a project which can then be shared with the team.