Tool Management Solutions
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Tool Management Challenges

Technologists require a wide array of tools to support a growing number of applications and databases. Any team who has multiple licenses of an Embarcadero tool, or has wanted to quickly ramp up a new project has probably encountered one or more of these tool management challenges:

  • Someone on the team spends a lot of time manually tracking and moving tool licenses
  • Projects have been delayed because it takes so long to get the right tools licensed and deployed
  • Teams spend a lot of time installing/uninstalling versions of their tools
  • It takes weeks or even months to get new releases of tools to tech teams
  • Locked down desktops make it difficult to get teams the tools they need
  • Has lean processes and/or use contractors who assemble new teams rapidly

Benefits for tool users, license administrators, software asset managers

Embarcadero ToolCloud simplifies licensing, reduces overhead, and controls access to products by centralizing and standardizing how tools are delivered. Database professionals and application developers get on-demand access to the tools when they need them.


Centralized License Management

At the core, the ToolCloud provides license management. Embarcadero has been building this capability into our products for nearly a decade. It provides a single location inside your firewallto handle all license inventory, with reporting and usage tracking. Centralized License Management gives teams the ability to:

  • Standardize and simplify. Reduce license complexity with one vendor and one place to administer all tool licenses
  • Control access for compliance, security, cost management
  • Save hundreds of hours tracking tool licenses
  • Optimize license configurations and purchases to and save thousands by avoiding "over-buying"

On-demand Software Delivery with InstantOn

Embarcadero tools managed by the ToolCloud can be installed on a user’s desktop or they can be delivered and run with InstantOn, Embarcadero’s application virtualization technology. This enables tools to be packaged into a single file that runs without installation. The tool runs on the desktop, locally and ‘full power’ but does not change system areas of the OS or registry. With on-demand tool delivery, teams can:

  • Quickly access and install tools to adapt more rapidly to changing projects, business demands
  • Run multiple versions side by side, and adapt toolsets by project and platform to respond faster to changing business demands
  • Save hundreds of dollars and hours by avoiding costly installs and uninstalls of multiple product versions
  • Empower users to access the tools they need from anywhere on the network & locked-down desktops
  • Save hundreds of hours by not having to keep desktops up-to-date with the proper tool configurations