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12月 6 - 7

会場: Online

Starts: 2:00 am CST

Ends: 9:00 am CST


Delphi Advanced - December 2022

Presenter(s): Jens Fudge

This two-day course will take you in depths of the Delphi/Pascal programming language using both the traditional VCL framework and the added framework Firemonkey. By utilizing Firemonkey you will learn how to program and build an application that will compile for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. As well as get a deeper knowledge of the Pascal language and its capabilities.

12月 8


Starts: 1:00 pm CST

Ends: 2:00 pm CST


Static Code Analysis: Improving Code Quality Before You Compile

Presenter(s): Jim McKeeth, Joachim Marder, Laurens van Run

Imagine knowing about potential bugs or security issues in your program before your users find them. That is the beauty of static code analysis, a technique that examines the code before compilation to detect essential issues. The result is your continuous awareness of code quality and preventing bugs and security threats from ever reaching end-users.

Join this panel discussion to learn what static code analysis can do for you. Also, learn about SonarDelphi, a plugin for SonarQube, providing rules for Delphi, along with integration for DunitX, DelphiCodeCoverage, and AQTime. See where the plugin is today, its future, and how you can be involved.

12月 15

会場: Online

Starts: 3:00 am CST

Ends: 4:00 am CST


Delphi Development on Apple Silicon

Presenter(s): Matthias Eißing

With the change of CPU architecture from Intel x86/x64 to "Apple Silicon", Apple has made a far-reaching step that also has implications for Delphi or C++Builder developers and prospective customers. This webinar gives an overview of the M1/M2 architecture, highlights differences to Intel/AMD and shows to what extent you as a programmer are affected.