Len Silverston on Universal Data Models

Over the past 15 years Universal Data Models (UDMs) have helped clients substantially reduce the time and costs of their data modeling efforts by combing the capabilities available within ER/Studio with subject area models focused on specific corporate processes and functions. Learn more from Len Silverston, the founder and bestselling author, on how organizations jump-start, customize and implement Universal Data Models.


What are UDMs?

Universal Data Models are common constructs customized for business functions and industries such as Healthcare, Manufacturing and more to kick start your modeling efforts.

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The Value of Universal Data Models in a Mature Data Modeling Environment

In mature modeling environment, externally developed models hone the skills of even expert data modelers and help in mentoring of junior modelers.

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UDMs and Data Governance

Reuse of models is critical for data governance initiatives to reach goals within a cost effective time period. Using UDMs helped Fortune 10 companies win Data Governance awards.

UDMs helped Fortune 10 companies win Data Governance awards.

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UDM Case Study for the Travel Industry

One of the largest travel companies in the world, Carnival Cruise Lines built an Operational Data Store, multiple data marts and a MDM solution using Universal Data models.

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UDM Case Study for the Insurance Industry

A Fortune 1000 company located in Southeast US used core UDM patterns in a Master Data Management project to integrate different lines of business to upsell and cross sell their products.

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