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Developer Experts

Business and Consulting Partner


世界地区: EMEA

说明: You need to modernize or migrate an existing project? - We provide help moving your project to current Delphi versions - We clean your component zoo and migrate your project to current libraries - You are still using BDE, IBX, IBO or other outdated DB components? We created our own custom tools that make migrating to FireDAC a painless process!

产品: Delphi, InterBase

服务国家: Germany

网站: https://www.developer-experts.net


地址1: Saarstr. 2c

城市: Bad Homburg

邮政编码: 61350

国家: Germany

Contact Name: Olaf Monien

邮箱: olaf@monien.net

电话: +4969175548151

Phone Alt: +4969175548150