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There are three vital reasons why it's essential to refactor and modernize your code with the latest versions of your tools. Let's look at each in detail:

Why Modernize #1: Make More Money From Your Apps

It's a fact that apps that are diligently updated for the latest platform versions and regulations, with modernized code and features deliver better performance, create happier customers, and are much more likely to generate revenue.

Code modernization is not an expense but an investment that supports the sustainability of your app business.

Why Modernize #2: Don't Get Left Behind

Retaining app users can be a challenge, so developers continuously invest in making apps faster, more functional and more user-friendly. Cleaning up unused and inefficient code makes it easier to maintain apps. Here's a list of unpredictable trends influencing the sustainability of your business, from which you can protect it by modernizing your code and your tools:

  • Expiry of Support for Outdated Tools and Platforms
  • New Requirements for Cross-Platform Performance
  • Evolving User Experience Expectations
  • App Performance Deterioration Over Time
  • 32/64-Bit App Incompatibility Issues
  • New Data Storage and Security Requirements
  • Unicode App Content Rendering Requirements
  • Incompatibility with 3rd-Party Components

Why Modernize #3: Yesterday's Tools Won't Help

To make your modernization project succeed, you'll need to upgrade to the best developer tools available today: RAD Studio 11.3 Alexandria. Here's why:

  • Mobile App Support in all editions
  • Updated VCL framework
  • Best-in-class Windows native support features
  • Code reusability for microservices and/or containerization
  • No deterioration in application performance with proven frameworks
  • Data integration with new connectivity options
  • Web Clients creation with latest REST API technology
  • Leveraging of existing developer skills, reduced time and effort migrating code

Learn more about specific application migration strategies and technologies below, or get RAD Studio now.

Where to Begin

Modernization Strategies will Differ depending on your Apps and your Requirements.

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