Multi-Device, True Native

Companies are under pressure to deliver apps that their customers can use in the office and on the road, but coding and managing these different versions can be costly and time-consuming.

The advantages of multi-device development

Multi-device app development means you don't have to support multiple development projects to deliver your app natively on multiple platforms (Windows, OS X, iOS and Android).

Why is multi-device with RAD Studio the best development approach?

  • Most desktop development solutions don't support mobile app development
  • Most mobile development solutions do not support the creation of PC apps for Windows and OS X
  • As a result, development teams not using RAD Studio often have to support multiple development projects using different tools, programming languages, code bases, and sometimes different teams to deliver their app on both desktop and mobile devices

Multi-device Development with One Codebase

Building your app in RAD Studio eliminates the need to engage in multiple development efforts for the same application on multiple devices. This means you get to market faster, on more platforms – for the first release and every release after that – while keeping costs down.

What are "true native" apps, and why should you care?

True native app development lets you deliver script-free, device-native apps that expose the full range of capabilities and performance in the underlying devices – for faster, richer apps that end users love.

Many tool vendors are using the term "native" app development to describe web technologies and scripts wrapped into an app package to deliver an app-like user experience. This approach can impose limits on app performance and capabilities.

How do true native apps built with RAD Studio differ from what others might call "native"?

True native apps in RAD Studio are script-free and run directly on hardware CPU delivering the following advantages:

  • Fast – Uncompromised native device performance with full native API and CPU control when you need it, and not limited by or slowed by script interpreters and virtual machines.
  • Predictable – Apps run directly on the device CPU, as intended by the device vendors, and are not slowed by additional software layers and processes, such as random garbage collection.
  • Better User Experience (UX) – Apps take full advantage of device capabilities and performance.

RAD Studio is complete solution to build connected apps for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, gadgets and wearables.