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Software-Lizensierung und -Management

Embarcadero Licensing and Deployment Solutions.

The Licensing Challenge

When it comes to licensing software products, organizations want to maximize flexibility and manageability, while at the same time minimize costs.

Flexibility means using the software anywhere, anytime, on an authorized machine, by an authorized user. Manageability demands the need to control, audit and report on license usage. Organizations may need to control who can acquire a license to use the software, and even when (e.g. 9am – 5pm) they can use it. They may also want to reserve a license for a specific user in order to guarantee access when needed. Additionally, regulatory and compliance requirements impose additional stipulations and restrictions for tracking software access.

Embarcadero Licensing and Deployment Solutions

Embarcadero offers a variety of licensing options so organizations can more easily manage their software, while ensuring the end user has the tools they need, when they need them. Our Workstation option is perfect for individual users, while the network-based named and concurrent licensing options provide a flexible, cost-effective solution for organizations with a larger number of users, who want the ability to share and manage a pool of licenses. Embarcadero has licensing options available that fit the needs of any size organization as well as for individual users:


A Workstation (aka Named) license is for use by one person. It is not intended to be shared by multiple users. For more information, see Registering a Workstation License after Application Startup. The Workstation licensing option works best for power-users who need a copy of the software available on their workstation at all times. Workstation licensees are required to create an Embarcadero Developer Network account in order to register their product. A Workstation license does not require installation of a license server.

Network Named User

A Network Named User license is similar to Workstation licensing in that a license is designated to an individual. Licenses are managed over a network using a License Server. An administrator installs the License Server in a central location on your network where users are authorized to operate the product. The Network Named User is permitted access to that license at all times but may be restricted by the Administrator, if required.

This option has many advantages including centralized administration, fast and easy provisioning and de-provisioning of software assets, and asset management features including usage reports.

Network Concurrent

Network Concurrent licenses are managed through the License Server. This provides multiple users with the flexibility of using any Embarcadero product, but each user will only acquire a license when the application or feature is open. This license option tracks the number of simultaneous users. If the number of simultaneous users exceeds the number of purchased licenses, anyone who subsequently tries to start the software is denied access.

Network Concurrent licenses are only valid for the geographic region in which they are sold. Global contracts can be purchased on a contractual basis. Please Kontaktieren Sie Ihren Verkaufsberater for more information.

Other License Considerations

Some Embarcadero products may offer Term or Perpetual licensing options. Newer offerings now have a capacity-based licensing model. Please Kontaktieren Sie Ihren Verkaufsberater for more details.