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Product Key: DataArchitect icon 25x25 ER/Studio dbps icon 25x25 DB PowerStudio


Session #1

dbps icon 25x25Best Practices for the Proactive DBA
As a DBA today we face a lot of challenges with thousands of heterogeneous DB platforms, big data and cloud environments, performance optimization, changing and complex technologies, agile development and low IT budget. In this presentation, we discuss the best practices and successful approaches to slam dunk these database management challenges with DB Artisan Team Server and the performance IQ capabilities.

Level: All

Sultan Shiffa - Embarcadero

Session #2

DataArchitect icon 25x25Addressing Mobilization & the Edge of IoT Challenges using ER/Studio & InterBase
Data on the edge of IoT & mobilization of business applications is a challenge faced by a growing number of data architects, administrators and developers. In this session, we explore the common challenges and pitfalls and how ER/Studio and InterBase can help you reach your goals.

Level: All

Stephen Ball - Embarcadero

Session #3

dbps icon 25x25DB PowerStudio Product Address: Focusing on DBMS Performance Every Step of the Way
Your DBMS doesn't decide to suddenly work really hard just for the heck of it, it's all in the quality of the SQL. The DB PowerStudio 2016 product line helps to ensure that only performant SQL reaches your production systems and then monitors those systems uncovering other latent problems which may cause sub-standard performance and poor response times.

Level: All

Brett Hawton - Embarcadero

Session #4

dbps icon 25x25DataArchitect icon 25x25Embarcadero Keynote - Data: The Four-Letter Word Everyone is Using
Chief Data Officers. Data Cultures. Big Data. Data Scientists. Data as a Service. Is "data" really some kind of shiny new object? What's going on here? Isn't data just data (big or small)? Fad or forever, this little four-letter word is drawing massive attention lately. This session digs into the hysteria and explores the true underlying value of data, why it matters to business and why database technologies and tools are gaining serious attention in the marketplace.

Level: All

Wes Kranz - Embarcadero

Session #5

DataArchitect icon 25x25ER/Studio Product Address: The Future of Data Modeling is Here
As enterprise data architectures become more complex, you need a modeling tool that can provide support for new platforms and additional capabilities for new workflows. ER/Studio has continued to invest in improvements and enhancements to ensure that data professionals can perform tasks quickly and effectively. Join this session to hear about the latest steps in the evolution of data modeling for the business-driven data architecture.

Level: All

Ron Huizenga & Rob Loranger - Embarcadero

Session #6

dbps icon 25x25Understanding Hardware: The Right Fights for the DBA to Pick with the Server Hardware Team
Understand what to ask your server team for a review of hardware configuration and OS settings for optimal database performance.

Level: Intermediate

Joseph D'Antoni - Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting

Session #7

DataArchitect icon 25x25The Five Big Myths of Big Data
Is everything we read about big data correct, or is it all hype? Five of the biggest myths of big data are critically discussed.

Level: All

Rick van der Lans - R20/Consultancy BV

Session #8

dbps icon 25x25Making Sure That Your SQL Server Backups Are Not Useless
This session discusses why SQL Server DBAs should not fully rely on successful backups and what needs to be done to guarantee that the backups will work.

Level: Intermediate

Edwin Sarmiento - 15C

Session #9

dbps icon 25x25Measurements, Scales & Encoding for Database
Joe Celko has looked deep into the code of SQL programmers and found a consistent and troubling pattern - a frightening lack of consistency between their individual encoding schemes and those of the industries in which they operate. This translates into a series of incompatible databases, each one an island unto itself that is unable to share information with others in an age of internationalization and business interdependence. Such incompatibility severely hinders information flow and the quality of company data. This session provides a theoretical look at how scales and measurements work and how to design an encoding scheme for a data element based on the scale used for it.

Level: Intermediate

Joe Celko

Session #10

DataArchitect icon 25x25Map your Master Data Landscape
Master data is arguably the most important data that an organization possesses, and therefore a critical component of your data landscape map. This presentation highlights ways to use ER/Studio to map your master data landscape.

Level: All

Rob Loranger - Embarcadero

Session #11

DataArchitect icon 25x25Ten Common Warehouse Modeling Mistakes
Data warehouse modeling is much different than that for day-to-day operational applications. Here are ten data warehouse modeling mistakes to avoid.

Level: Intermediate

Michael Blaha - Modelsoft Consulting Corp


Session #12

dbps icon 25x25DataArchitect icon 25x25Take Control with Team Server
To establish a data culture within your company, the effort needs to be implemented across the various teams in the organization. This means giving the right visibility to the appropriate level of information about data sources and databases to both IT and business stakeholders. Embarcadero created the Team Server to help our customers take control of their data landscape. Learn how having a centralized hub for key corporate information improves your business communication and breaks down silos.

Level: All

Mohammad Ahmed - Embarcadero

Session #13

DataArchitect icon 25x25Harvesting Metadata from ERP and CRM Packages: What's the Problem?
Packages like SAP, PeopleSoft and Salesforce are widely used and yet present significant challenges for Information Management professionals who have a requirement to understand what data is held in these environments. This presentation discusses the challenges of accessing metadata from these environments and explains how the large amounts of metadata in a package like SAP can be liberated and modelled.

Level: Intermediate

Nick Porter - Silwood Technology Ltd

Session #14

dbps icon 25x25SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting: Ancient Problems and Modern Solutions
Many believe performance tuning and troubleshooting is an art which has been lost in time. The truth is that the art has evolved with time and there are more tools and techniques to overcome ancient troublesome scenarios. There are three major resources when bottlenecks create performance problems: CPU, IO and memory. In this session, we focus on high CPU scenarios detection and their resolutions. If time permits, other performance-related tips and tricks will be also be covered. At the end of the session, attendees will have clear ideas and action items regarding what to do when facing any of the above resource intensive scenarios.

Level: Intermediate

Pinal Dave

Session #15

DataArchitect icon 25x25Pragmatic Governance for Heterogeneous Data Stores
For companies operating in a very competitive market, it is vital to assist decision makers in maintaining their competitive edge by transitioning to a more distributed model for acquiring, storing and publishing the organization's enterprise data. Agility in presenting the right data to the right people at the right time as well as agility in developing new services is key to this transition. This session explores the ways ER/Studio data modeling technology is fundamental in supporting this process.

Level: Intermediate

Julian Clemas-Howard & Mark Barringer

Session #16

dbps icon 25x25How to Recognize when SQL Windowing Functions are Likely to Help Improve Database Performance
SQL Window Functions address a wide variety of querying tasks that encompass computations, pivoting and sorting which are applied to a set of rows that is all applied by a function. Each function can be grouped into Ranking, Analytic, Aggregate thus providing multiple methods to gather what is needed from one data query.

Level: All

Richard Baroniunas - Baron Software

Session #17
11:00am - 11:45am

DataArchitect icon 25x25The Data Balance Sheet: Is Your Data an Asset or Liability?
Data can be a double-edged sword. When it is organized with an effective data management process, it can be a valuable asset. If it is mismanaged, it can quickly become a liability. This session demonstrates how data might fall into the asset or liability column and examines the factors that contributed to its positive or negative classification.

Level: All

Joseph Maggi - Agilarc

Session #18

DataArchitect icon 25x25Ensuring a Sustainable Architecture for Data Analytics
Enterprise data infrastructures must prepare for the future and adapt to support new database platforms and data sources. How can you make your data warehouse future-proof? By creating the right environment and establishing appropriate processes. Claudia Imhoff will describe what this involves by introducing the Extended Analytics Architecture, emphasizing the need to integrate multiple analytics environments, and describing how you can get started on this path to a sustainable analytics ecosystem.

Level: All

Claudia Imhoff - Intelligent Solutions, Inc.

Session #19

dbps icon 25x25What Performance IQ Can Do for You
The DB PowerStudio 2016 release includes several new features, one of which is Performance IQ, which provides visibility into your SQL code performance. This session walks through the Performance IQ dashboard and explains how it works and what it can do to help you improve your code.

Level: All

Scott Walz - Embarcadero

Session #20

DataArchitect icon 25x25Championing the Data Model Scorecard within your Organization
The Data Model Scorecard® is the industry's benchmark on data model quality. You will receive an overview to the Scorecard and learn how to incorporate it into your organization's architecture review board.

Level: Intermediate

Steve Hoberman - Steve Hoberman & Associates, LLC

Session #21

dbps icon 25x25Performance Tuning your Backups and Restores
With short recovery time objectives we need to be able to recover as fast as possible. In this session, you will learn how John Sterrett was able to shave days off of the normal backup and restore times for a very large database (VLDB).

Level: Intermediate

John Sterrett - Procure SQL LLC

Session #22

DataArchitect icon 25x25The Business Value of Data Modeling
With changes in software development methodologies, the role of the data modeler has changed significantly. In order to participate fully, modelers must not only adapt to an Agile work style, but must also be able to communicate and deliver business value through model-driven development. With content from a real case study, Ron Huizenga will show the contrast in metrics and cost when utilizing skilled data modelers versus a development-only approach.

Level: All

Ron Huizenga - Embarcadero