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Delphi 特征

Build Native Apps 5x Faster With One Codebase
For Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux

Middle Tier

Today's interconnected world is built upon Restful standards, mobile connectivity and security. RAD Studio offers the perfect frameworks to modernise existing code and write new, fast, compiled cross platform server and client applications.

RAD Server - The perfect MEAP back-end for Delphi and C++Builder apps

RAD Server is a turnkey solution for today's interconnected, distributed apps, offering an easy to deploy middleware server that hosts loadable custom API and data access modules.

On top of centralized methods and enterprise database access, RAD Server enables developers to build a distributed network of “things” by dynamically adding to its RESTFul API access to network connected ThingPoints™.

RAD Server is easy to develop, deploy and operate making it well-suited for ISVs and OEMs building re-deployable solutions. With indoor Beacon based “GPS-Free” location tracking included, integrated user management and API usage tracking, RAD Server is the choice for ISVs to modernize their existing code today, while preparing to offer innovative solutions tomorrow.

RAD Server - The perfect MEAP back-end for Delphi and C++Builder apps
DataSnap - Enterprise Application Server

DataSnap - Enterprise Application Server

DataSnap (included in RAD Studio Enterprise and Architect editions) enables you to create data and application services, like Custom APIs, that can be accessed from client apps on Windows, Web, iOS, Android and more. DataSnap servers support REST, JSON, COM, HTTP, TCP/IP, and other standards for ultra-flexible connectivity from virtually any platform. Apps can be hosted on your server or in the cloud without additional run-time licensing.

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SOAP - Servers and Clients

Based on industry standards, SOAP is still a cornerstone of many Enterprise Software solutions, and building and consuming SOAP servers are ultra easy with RAD Studio! Importing a WSDL document allows you to get coding against a remote server in seconds while developing a server with automatically generated WSDL documents ensures your documentation overheads are kept to a minimum for a truly agile, RAD experience.

SOAP - Servers and Clients
REST Client Libraries and BaaS

REST Client Libraries and BaaS

RAD Studio has a REST Client library, available on all platforms, which focuses on simplifying the invocation of REST services by any third party provider. The library features authentication support and JSON response manipulation, with dataset and LiveBindings mappings. The three core components make it easy to parameterize your requests in many different ways and easily access web services and backend as a service (BaaS) providers. REST Client Library video >