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InterBase 特征

超快、可扩展、可嵌入式 SQL 数据库,具有商业级数据安全性、灾难恢复和更改同步


Logless Replication

The award-winning, patent-pending Change Views helps speed up development and enhance the features developers can provide to their end users around changed data by eliminating the challenges posed by traditional change-tracking methods. The ultimate benefit of Change Views is lower development costs and faster and smaller updates to disconnected remote data caches, saving you time and money and making your development team more agile.

Traditional database change-tracking technologies focus on log tables or time-stamp fields. Log tables are notoriously hard to manage and don’t scale well to a high number of destinations; they also impact the database performance and bloat its size. Time-stamp fields are infamously problematic when multiple users are working with a database. The IoTA award-winning InterBase Change Views feature removes the need for time fields, log tables, additional database users, or triggers, instead providing a blazingly fast, highly scalable option that requires near zero CPU time and disk space designed for today’s numerous-destination (mobile-centric) world.

Read the Change Views white paper

Change View Subscriptions

Change Views works through a concept of subscriptions. A subscription is defined to include a number of tables or specific columns of data; using InterBase user security, users or specific roles are then granted the rights to subscribe to each subscription.

Once a device is subscribed, it tracks what is changing at the field level for that subscription. This simple model enables access to data changes to be securely managed and easily scaled out without any need for log tables or additional fields, simplifying the development process so change tracking is one less thing to develop, refactor, build, and test.

The Most Secure Change Tracking on the Market

One powerful feature of Change Views being controlled via user security and being private to the subscriber is that only the subscriber can see what has changed.

To illustrate why this is so important, imagine you are building a medical system and have an HIV status on a patient record that is encrypted. Change Views allow you to control who can track changes to that field and doesn’t provide a log table that others may be able to scan to identify records that might have been changed. This makes for exceptionally powerful, secure change tracking that actively works to reduce the change-of-privilege abuse that could lead to a data breach of sensitive information.

Change Views not only makes it easy to identify what has changed, it controls who can track those changes and prevents others from even guessing at data changes.

Easy to Fetch Data Deltas

Dramatically reducing the amount of data you move, data costs, network traffic, and server CPU demand and disk I/O all add up to the reason the patent-pending Change Views is fast and helps applications scale further. The award-winning technology provides just the field-level delta of what has changed, allowing developers to give detailed analyses back to the end user while lowering data-movement costs.

InterBase allows Change View data to be queried via SQL, allowing developers to easily identify the total data changed before syncing, ensuring you never end up with a surprise data bill. Developers can also quickly fetch changes to keep remote data caches updated, allowing for blazingly fast applications with enhanced offline capabilities.

Read the Change Views white paper