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RAD Studio 10.4.2
is now available for download

// Discover how the RAD S1new RAD Studio
// can help you
// build apps1native apps1
// even faster!3

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Publish Native Apps on Multiple Platforms From a Single Codebase

Discover Embarcadero’s Suite of Native App Development IDE’s and Tools


Advanced integrated Object Pascal IDE for rapidly developing native high-performance multi-platform applications using powerful visual design tools and features

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Advanced integrated IDE for modern C++ with robust features empowering blazingly fast, stunning responsive native applications for Windows and major platforms

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RAD Studio

The ultimate IDE for building multi-platform high-performance native applications in both Delphi® and modern C++ with powerful visual design tools and integrated toolchains

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Base de datos SQL embebida, ultraveloz y escalable con seguridad de datos de calidad comercial, recuperación ante desastres y sincronización de cambios. Se ejecuta de forma integrada en dispositivos móviles, equipos de escritorio o servidores.

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RAD Server

Plataforma de aplicaciones API REST de nivel empresarial disponible de forma local o desplegable en la nube. Genera API de bases de datos instantáneamente en Delphi y C++Builder para crear aplicaciones más rápidamente.

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¡Para aprender a diseñar, codificar y crear aplicaciones rápidamente con Object Pascal Delphi! El sitio ofrece recursos y contenidos gratuitos para enseñar y aprender sobre el desarrollo de software.

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01 Marzo 2021

RAD Studio 10.4.2 Silent Installer Makes It Easy To Automate The Installation Process

RAD Studio 10.4.2 supports silent, automated installation of the product with no UI interaction. Silent Install is available for offline and online installation. In the offline installation there is a GOF file and the setup...

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01 Marzo 2021

Create Native And Secure iOS Wallet Enabled Apps With Delphi And C++ Builder

TMS Software provides high-level components and libraries for iOS development with Delphi and C++ Builder. One of the essential component suites is the TMS PassKit components. With the TMS PassKit, you can generate PassKit discount...

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01 Marzo 2021

GameDev: Fun Multi-Platform Mars Rocket Game For Android, iOS, macOS, And Windows

FireMonkey offers you to build complex and advanced cross-platform applications. From business applications to games. On the GetIt portal, you can find dozens of sample applications. Today we will explore the Mars Rocket classic arcade...

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28 Febrero 2021

Easily Cutout An Image With A Pixel Shader On Windows

In the previous example on Shader programming with Delphi FireMonkey, we created a texture feature to show images. So the material source manages the image bitmap. In this sample, you will create this: We can...

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28 Febrero 2021

Fun With 3D: Apply A Texture To A GPU Shader With Delphi FireMonkey

We have been exploring shader programming in Delphi FireMonkey. In the first post, we have learned the fundamentals of computer graphics and prepared the development environment. And created a simple demo application that just renders every...

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27 Febrero 2021

Powerful Built In Database Access Excels Delphi Over WPF And Electron

Embarcadero commissioned a whitepaper to investigate the differences between Delphi, WPF .NET Framework, and Electron for building Windows desktop applications. The benchmark application – a Windows 10 Calculator clone – was recreated in each framework...

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27 Febrero 2021

Easily Add Visually-Stunning FMX And VCL Styles To Your Windows And Mobile Apps

When I started programming with Delphi 7, my applications were stunning because of the wide variety of VCL styles. I liked the idea of just loading the style file and you are good to go....

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27 Febrero 2021

Detect Bluetooth Devices Easily In Your Windows Apps With Flexible Component Suite

Do your need to detect all the connected Bluetooth devices in your machine programmatically? How to get the Device Name, Address, Last Used, Authenticated, Connected status, etc. for each Bluetooth Devices connected ? Don’t know...

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26 Febrero 2021

Quickly Embed Award-Winning Cross-Platform SQL Database: InterBase ToGo

RAD Studio has been popular with its database solutions for Delphi and C++ Builder. InterBase ToGo is a full-featured database in a library with no separate database server processing running. InterBase ToGo is perfect for...

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26 Febrero 2021

Easily Browse Your Windows Devices From Your Delphi App With Powerful Components

Sometimes Developers want to list down or identify the Devices in a Windows machine programmatically. How to enumerate among the devices and resources quickly ? Don’t know how to do. Don’t worry. MiTec’s System Information Management Suite’s...

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The Fastest Way to Build Responsive Native Applications on Multiple Platforms

Embarcadero’s Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio IDEs enable more than three million independent developers and enterprise development teams worldwide to deploy high-performance responsive native applications on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux.

Using a single easy-to-write, easy-to-update codebase, IDE tools quickly compile native code for multiple platforms while enabling unprecedented productivity with powerful code completion, and enhanced parallel processing on modern multi-core CPUs.

RAD Studio 10.4.2