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Embarcadero’s Free AppWave Store Gives Users
One-Click Access to Thousands of Popular Windows Apps

SAN FRANCISCO–April 24, 2012—Embarcadero Technologies today announced the launch of the AppWave Store (www.windowsapps.com), a revolutionary new way to discover and run PC applications without all the traditional hassles of PC software. The AppWave Store lets users find and stream Windows applications on-demand using new "Smart App Streaming" technology, running them locally and instantly at full speed utilizing new "Smart App Isolation". The AppWave Store can be used freely by home and business users but the AppWave platform also addresses three of the biggest hassles with Windows software in IT: the wasted time and resources spent obtaining, distributing, installing, and uninstalling PC software, the stability and performance degradation of Windows after installing applications, and the lack of visibility into how software is actually used within organizations.

“Today, people expect on-demand access to any app they need on their mobile devices, but PC software is stuck in the 90's with long downloads and installs that can adversely affect the performance of the Windows environment,” said Wayne Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Embarcadero. “With the AppWave Store we've created the first true app store experience for Windows software. We've also created an AppWave business platform for organizations that are seeking to gain the same AppWave benefits, plus application usage tracking, for all the existing Windows software in their organization.”

The AppWave Store is part of the AppWave platform utilizing new "Smart App Streaming" cloud technology to allow users to search for and instantly run PC apps from anywhere - similar to the way YouTube streams for video and Netflix does for movies. Apps are stored and run locally on the user’s machine, so subsequent launches do not require a network connection. Unlike virtualization technologies, and similar to mobile devices, AppWave's new "Smart App Isolation" technology allows applications to run at full speed and fully integrated with each other and the desktop environment while maintaining "out of the box" PC performance, regardless of the number of apps a user downloads.

The AppWave Store offers these key benefits:

  • The Benefits of Mobile App Stores for Windows PCs– Consumers and companies alike are demanding new ways to streamline and "consumerize" the PC user experience. In the same way that users find and run applications on mobile devices, AppWave Store users have a familiar and instant, one-click access to PC software titles from anywhere, without the traditional hassles of acquiring software, installations, and related performance issues.
  • Ease of Use –Using the AppWave Store is simple – PC users access the store (www.windowsapps.com) and after a simple search, users just click and stream the apps they want without the traditional time-consuming installation process. Apps are stored and run locally on the user's PC and are accessible whether the user is online or not. And since the store is cloud-based, PC users can move between different PCs and retrieve their apps from anywhere at any time.
  • Free Access to Critical Software – For small-to-medium organizations with limited IT resources, software budgets, and staff, the AppWave Store provides free and instant delivery of key PC business and productivity titles to users.  Some of the most popular applications available include Evernote, OpenOffice, Adobe Reader, 7Zip, and more. AppWave can be extended with an internal private AppWave Store that can manage all of the existing Windows software titles and custom software that a business already owns. Private AppWave stores give users instant access to all of an organization’s software, and give IT staffs visibility into the true application utilization.

“With AppWave, PC users can be much more productive in their home and work environment,” said Williams. “AppWave provides the same 24/7 productivity that we’ve come to expect from our mobile devices, because discovering and accessing apps happens on-demand.”

Survey Finds Productivity Affected by PC Software Experience
In conjunction with the introduction of the AppWave Store, Embarcadero released findings today from a recent PC software survey showing over 72% of the 1,500 respondents find their productivity is affected by having to search for, install and upgrade software on their PCs.  The ability to have self service, on-demand, one-click access to PC apps would be valuable according to 84% of survey respondents.  48% said that it would be very or extremely valuable to have one-click access to PC software.   A quarter of respondents said their company is looking at an Enterprise App Store, with 6% indicating they are early adopters and already have an App Store in place. Full details of the survey can be found here: PC Software Survey.

About Embarcadero Technologies
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., a software management and delivery company, is a leading provider of database and application development software tools and the only Enterprise App Store platform for PC software, AppWave, www.windowsapps.com.  By using Embarcadero‘s award-winning products, professionals can design systems right, build them faster and run them better, regardless of their platform or programming language.  Three million users worldwide and 90 of the Fortune 100 companies rely on Embarcadero products to increase productivity, reduce costs, simplify change management and compliance, and accelerate innovation.  Founded in 1993, Embarcadero is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices located around the world.  Embarcadero is online at www.embarcadero.com


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