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Update Subscription

Embarcadero Update Subscription Value

Embarcadero invests nearly 2x the industry average in R&D as a percentage of sales. This enables us to provide continuous product improvements to keep your tools at peak performance.

With a world-class 97% customer satisfaction rate, our support team professionals are experts at troubleshooting, problem diagnosis, and problem resolution. We possess strong technical knowledge complemented by in-depth experience in application and database design, programming, management, and system operations, and work with you so you get the most out of your Embarcadero Technologies tools.

The most economical way to own licenses!

Update subscription is the Embarcadero subscription model for purchasing RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder. When you purchase RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder, you obtain a perpetual license. The Update Subscription provides maintenance updates and upgrades for that license at a fraction of the cost of a new license. Your first year of Update Subscription is included with your purchase!

Multiyear renewals are especially attractive for developers who want both flexibility and a low price.

Standard Update Subscription
Premium Update Subscription

Periodic Critical Function Hotfixes

Discretionary hotfixes for critical product functions - where no work-around is available

Maintenance Updates

Bug fixes, performance & feature improvements

Major Version Upgrades

Active Update Subscription Customers always get the latest version when it's released

Standard Technical Support

Phone based technical support and incidents with online tracking

3 incidents a year

Unlimited incidents

Early Beta Access

Beta access to hotfixes, updates, and major “next” versions

Exclusive Content

Exclusive technical content and bonus add-ons

More Addons & Advanced Beta Access

Additional addon products and advanced beta access to hotfixes, updates and major “next” versions”

High-Priority Support

Access to high-priority and extended technical support

Exclusive Deep-Dive Webinars

Exclusive technical deep-dive webinars by top experts

Product Team Meetings

Regular online meetings with the product team and individual company roadmap sessions

TestRail Enterprise Access

Free time-limited access to TestRail Enterprise


Your Update Subscription can be renewed annually at the current renewal rate. With Update Subscription you'll spend less to get the latest version compared to purchasing new versions every few years – plus the added benefit of the newest releases, updates to the current version and more!

WOW your app users with functionality from the latest developer tools

Your users' devices and expectations of app capabilities are changing rapidly, so it's critical to keep your dev tools updated to meet their needs. Active Update Subscribers receive every release of RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder, and product licenses are perpetual and continue to work beyond the subscription term. Your subscription also gives you access to beta product releases.

Multi Year Renewals

Sometimes it is tough to decide when you will upgrade and you know that it may not be in the next 12 months. Instead of lapsing renewals and having to re-purchase licenses, which is painful and costly, you can do multi-year renewals. Typically you may get a small discount for that too. A multiyear renewal gives you the flexibility to choose the right time to do that big upgrade, while having have access to latest version to try new features or start new projects. You also do not need to think twice about using Support.

Exclusive Bonus Content

App development is constantly evolving and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends, technologies, and solutions on day to day basis. With exclusive content from Embarcadero, you'll get bonus content from Embarcadero Product Management, Developer Relations and Engineering that gives you a competitive advantage. This exclusive content will only be available to Update Subscription Plan subscribers and cannot be purchased separately.

Developer Support Incidents Included

Tap into our expert developer support team to help with any challenges or questions you may have while building your app. Our support team is entirely made up of developers each with over 10 years of experience using the RAD Studio family of tools. The Update Subscription plan includes three (3) free developer support incidents per year, the Premium Update Subscription includes unlimited incidents. A developer support incident allows you to open a case to receive technical assistance during your app development.

*All fixes, updates and hotfixes are purely at Embarcadero's discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

An active update subscription is the only way to obtain updates and hotfixes.

After the first year, you may renew your subscription at the current rate. We recommend continuing to renew your Update Subscription plan to get the benefits of current version patches, the latest major releases and more. Renewing Update Subscription is more affordable than purchasing a new license every few years.

After the first year, your subscription will renew at an affordable low price and you will continue to receive another year of major upgrades, updates and hotfixes, plus another three (3) support incidents and additional bonus content and features. You may opt out of your subscription after the first year, however in order to re-subscribe you will be required to purchase a new license when you re-subscribe. Therefore, it is advantageous to maintain your subscription annually.

Update Subscription is a new and improved version of Support and Maintenance. You'll continue to get everything you love about Support and Maintenance with many more additional benefits including updates and patches for the current release, access to the new major version releases, technical support, exclusive content and more!

No, Academic licenses are 1-year term licenses and Update Subscription is not sold with these types of licenses. Please contact your local sales office to learn about the Academic Plans available in your region.

No, Update Subscription is not available for the free Community Edition.