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Bonev Soft Auditing Ltd. (BSoft) is one of the biggest accounting software companies in Bulgaria.  Its flagship software, AJUR® - an integrated management system for Windows – is extensively used by over 5000 government and non-government organisations globally and across a number of vertical industries – from manufacturing and financial services through to power generation. Some customer examples include Overgas Holding, Sinergon Holding, Armeets, Cargill, EY, PwC and the Bulgarian Military.

Continuous product development a challenge
BSoft first developed AJUR in 1990 as accounting software in DOS (Disk Operating System). Subsequently, the company bolted on warehousing software using dBase as the database management system. However, dBase proved inadequate as it wasn’t able to cope with big data volumes, the speed of access wasn’t fast enough and information security was a concern. BSoft subsequently moved to a Microsoft Windows visual environment and SQL database, eventually selecting Embarcadero Delphi and Embarcadero InterBase.

Why InterBase?
Evaluating many database technologies, BSoft identified Embarcadero InterBase as a high-performance and scalable relational database engine. The company’s customers vary from organisations with one or two users, right through to those with 100’s of users – so it was critical that BSoft implemented a database engine that scaled in response to customer requirement. InterBase offered BSoft the right mix of ease of use, speed and scalability. 

Database management and administration is a labour and time intensive task, which means that it can be costly too. As a software vendor with a distributed customer base, having a solution that requires minimal administration meant that BSoft could potentially pass on considerable cost savings to its customers too. Finally, InterBase has a tiny footprint, which made it easy for BSoft to embed the solution in AJUR. 

BSoft customers use AJUR to provide financial reports to tax authorities and various other stakeholders; and to closely manage their supply chains. Realtime access to secure data is imperative. The InterBase Server comes with powerful encryption and disaster recovery including point-in-time data recovery capabilities to enable data continuity even in the case of server failure.

AJUR a reliable and secure product for any size of business
InterBase has played a very significant role in AJUR’s development and its reputation for being one of the most reliable accounting and enterprise resource planning solution globally. Overtime, as new features have been introduced in InterBase, AJUR benefitted too.  The solution has enabled AJUR to transition from a finance and accounting offering to a fully integrated suite of finance and accounting, sales management, supply chain management, analysis and business intelligence product.

Many BSoft customers are ISO 27001 certified, which means that they must adhere to very stringent information management rules. InterBase has made standard compliance possible through role-based authentication, data configuration, 256-bit data encryption, specific secure logins and granular whole database encryption already provided in the solution. In fact, due to the 256-bit AES encryption in InterBase, data of AJUR users is secure, even when working offline on laptops, tablets or any mobile device.

Today, AJUR is a truly scalable offering – it has the potential to scale to unlimited number of users. Presently, there are over 20,000 individual AJUR users globally across organisations of different sizes in a number of verticals including government, manufacturing, commercial, utilities, transportation and energy, as examples.

AJUR – a next generation product
“AJUR is continuously evolving in tune with changing customer requirements and at pace with wider technological developments,” said Valentin Bonev, Managing Partner, Project Manager & CIO of Bonev Software Auditing Ltd. “We are working on increasing the software speed; adding capability for online connection to e-stores, smart apps and services related to mobile devices to make it a truly next generation product. The great thing is that InterBase is already on the platforms we want to reach, including Android and iOS, which vastly reduces our effort in reaching those platforms.”

BSoft is currently developing a 64-bit version of AJUR using InterBase. This will provide customers access to more memory and speed up data analysis even for complex and large volume databases.
It will work much faster and process bigger amounts of data at the same time. The company is already planning new functionality based on mobile devices and on-line access for customers.   AJUR is truly fundamental to the solutions development and will remain so for the long term.


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