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Embarcadero Technologies
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April 26, 2023

Embarcadero Releases Delphi 11 and C++Builder 11 Community Edition - Free Edition Brings Latest Features and Innovations to Students, Hobbyists and Startups

Austin, Texas - April 26, 2023 - Embarcadero is pleased to announce the release of the Community Edition (CE) of Delphi 11 and C++Builder 11.

Delphi 11 CE and C++Builder 11 CE are the free revenue-limited license editions of Embarcadero's flagship IDEs, and are intended for students, hobbyists and startups that want to get started building apps with Delphi and C++Builder.

Delphi 11 CE and C++Builder CE 11 create the opportunity for developers around the world who work with Delphi or C++ or are interested in learning to apply the powerful features and innovations of the landmark 11 Alexandria release to their applications and projects.

According to Delphi Product Manager Marco Cantu, Embarcadero is “really excited to release a much-improved version of our free Delphi and C++Builder Community Editions, and are looking forward to having students and startups adopt it and get to learn the power that our IDE, compilers and libraries offer for Windows desktop and muti-device development alike".

Community Editions are available free of charge to anyone who wants to get started programming, and to organizations with fewer than five developers. They are full-featured, and come with a one-year term license and a limited commercial license for organizations with revenues not exceeding $5,000. Users can check if they qualify for the CE license and then start with the Free Trial or consult the Community Edition License FAQ.

Delphi CE

Robust and easy-to-learn Delphi is the fastest and most cost-effective way to build powerful native applications for Windows, iOS, macOS and Android from a single codebase. This makes it the ideal choice for students or anyone who just wants to get things done.

C++Builder CE

C++Builder unlocks a colossal set of C++ standard libraries while also giving users access to the powerful runtime and visual libraries included in Delphi. This makes it a winning combination for C++ development.

CE Has All Features of Pro Edition

Community Edition makes all the features of the Professional Edition of Delphi and C++Builder available at no cost to the developer and student community, including features for mobile platforms and desktop databases. With the new Delphi & C++Builder CE release, the very latest features and updated platform support of 11 Alexandria CE edition are made freely available.

C++Builder Product Manager David Millington notes: “We value our community and are glad to have a free but Pro-level product available for such a wide audience. C++Builder 11.3 Community Edition,” Millington adds, “includes a wide variety of improvements since the last Community Edition, across code completion, C++ and library compatibility and more. It also provides exciting new features in libraries like the VCL. We're very happy to make it available."

Risk-Free Prelude to Unrestricted Licenses

Community Edition is the ideal risk-free stepping-stone for an upgrade to a perpetual license with an unrestricted commercial license and choose between the Professional, Enterprise, and Architect Editions of Delphi, C++Builder, and RAD Studio.

The Community Edition should not be used as an extended trial, as the licenses are different. CE should also not be used by companies with other regular licenses.