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Long-time C++ Champion Joins ISOCPP to Help Language and Community Address Modern Programming Challenges

SAN FRANCISCO – April 16, 2013 – Embarcadero Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for application and database development, today announced it is a sponsor of the Standard C++ Foundation (isocpp.org). This action underscores Embarcadero's commitment to advancing the C++ programming language and its community, as well as the evolution of C++ for modern programming challenges, such as software development for multiple devices including Windows PCs, tablets and Macs.

The Standard C++ Foundation is an organization whose mission is to support the C++ software developer community and promote the understanding and use of modern Standard C++ on all compilers and platforms, as stated on the Foundation's website. In particular, two near-term goals of that mission are:

  • To promote dissemination of correct and up-to-date information about modern C++.
  • To promote greater availability of high-quality C++ libraries, including both standard libraries (by reducing barriers to submitting and adopting libraries in Standard C++ itself) and community libraries (by having an organized and ideally tool-supported way for C++ developers to discover and use libraries).

"We are happy to welcome Embarcadero as a member of the Standard C++ Foundation," said Herb Sutter of Microsoft, chairman and president of the Standard C++ Foundation. "As C++ interest and standardization continues to accelerate in the current resurgence, we're excited to continue seeing more new and modern C++ programming tools and compilers becoming available from our members and across the industry."

Embarcadero is a long-time champion of the C++ programming language and its community. In 1990, a team of developers at Embarcadero (then part of Borland) released the company's first Turbo C++ 1.0 compiler. Now, after over 20 years and 26 product releases later, Embarcadero is supporting C++ developers and helping them solve modern programming challenges with C++Builder® for multi-device app development.

"We are proud to continue our longstanding support of the C++ community and the great work being done by the Standard C++ Foundation," said Michael Swindell, Embarcadero senior vice president of products. "C++ is already the most widely used language for operating systems, databases, and embedded devices. With the worldwide proliferation of smart phones, tablets, and other personal computers, the opportunities for C++ are endless."

Embarcadero supports the C++ programming language as a key solution for addressing the Enterprise's need to create apps for multiple devices and platforms. For more information, visit http://www.embarcadero.com/products/cbuilder.

About Embarcadero Technologies
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of award-winning tools for application developers and database professionals so they can design systems right, build them faster and run them better, regardless of their platform or programming language. Ninety of the Fortune 100 and an active community of more than three million users worldwide rely on Embarcadero products to increase productivity, reduce costs, simplify change management and compliance, and accelerate innovation. Founded in 1993, Embarcadero is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices located around the world. www.embarcadero.com

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Kulesa Faul for Embarcadero Technologies
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