C++Builder Previous Versions

When you buy the latest version of C++Builder, you also get access to earlier versions at no extra charge. This is a cost effective solution for development teams adding developers to support existing applications, because you get the latest version plus access to the earlier versions that you need at no extra cost.

C++Builder XE8 includes access to previous versions

With the current version of C++Builder you also get access to licenses for older versions – C++Builder XE7, C++Builder XE6, C++Builder XE5, C++Builder XE4, C++Builder XE3, C++Builder XE2, C++Builder XE, C++Builder 2010, C++Builder 2009, C++Builder 2007, and C++Builder 6.

How to get your earlier version licenses and downloads

Named user licenses, 5-packs or 10-packs

  • Each serial number that also requires an older version license must be registered to a unique Embarcadero Developer Network (EDN) account that is associated with the intended end user of the product.
  • You must install and register your XE8 serial number before you request the older version licenses.
  • You must request your older version licenses within 180 days of your purchase of the XE8 product.
  • Older versions are not included with Starter edition or All-Access licenses.
  • Older versions are available for Mobile and FireDAC Client/Server Add-On Packs
  • Your earlier version licenses will be tied to your user account and cannot be given away or sold. If your XE8 license is an upgrade, you will not receive additional licenses for older version(s) you already own.
  • Choose a link below to obtain earlier version licenses for your XE8 product:

Named or Concurrent licenses

  • If you purchased Network Named or Concurrent licenses, the older version licenses for versions 2007-XE7 will be included as part of your network license. Each network license count is a suite license that can be used to run one of the included versions at a time.
  • C++Builder 6 is not available as part of the network licenses but on request you can receive one C++Builder 6 serial number per license purchased.
  • The C++Builder licenses cannot be managed via the license server or used concurrently.

Limited availability of standalone earlier versions

The following older versions of C++Builder are also still sold separately on a limited basis. We recommend purchasing C++Builder XE7 if you need any of these older versions so you also get the latest version.

C++Builder XE7

Available editions: Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate and Architect. Also available as part of RAD Studio XE7. C++Builder XE7 includes free earlier versions 6 and 2007-XE6. Purchasers of C++Builder XE7 can click here to get their free earlier versions.

Earlier version license/download access for XE7 users ends December 31, 2015.

Release date: September 2014

C++Builder XE6

Available editions: Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate and Architect. Also available as part of RAD Studio XE6.

Earlier version license/download access for XE6 users ended June 30, 2015.

Release date: April 2014

The earlier versions that are still sold are generally available from Embarcadero partners and Embarcadero Sales.

C++Builder XE5 and below are no longer available to purchase separately. We recommend purchasing the latest version to get access to select earlier versions as described above.

Some earlier version products that are still sold may no longer be supported. See the Supported Versions List for the latest information by version.

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