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What's New in RAD Studio 11.3

Quality-Focused Release With New Tools and IDE Enhancements,
Improved Usability, Performance and Stability
RAD Studio
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New Features in 11.3

Target The Latest Platform Versions!

RAD Studio 11.3 offers official support for iOS 16 (for Delphi only), Android 13, and macOS Ventura, all released after RAD Studio 11.2. RAD Studio 11.3 also supports Ubuntu 22 LTS and Windows Server 2022.

Target The Latest Platform Versions!

Use Biometric Authentication!

RAD Studio 11.3 offers a new Mobile Biometric Authentication component for FireMonkey mobile applications

Use Biometric Authentication!

Deploy Embedded InterBase Dev Edition!

RAD Studio 11.3 ships with the recently released InterBase 2020 Update 4 Developer edition and IBLite/ToGo edition

Deploy Embedded InterBase Dev Edition!

Debug with LLDB-Based Debuggers!

11.3 introduces a new LLDB-based debugger for macOS Intel and 32-bit Android. With 11.3 all non-Windows platform debuggers across Delphi and C++ have moved to LLDB architecture.

Debug with LLDB-Based Debuggers!

Code Faster With Improved CodeInsight and Delphi LSP!

The IDE code editor now has the ability to highlight matching words. Delphi Code Insight through DelphiLSP sees very significant quality improvements, to further improve Code Insight features and make them faster and more reliable, including with large applications. These improvements include code completion, Help Insight, and navigation, with a strong focus on overall reliability, as well as providing completion or navigation results in areas where they were not previously provided.

Code Faster With Improved CodeInsight and Delphi LSP!

Build Better Apps With FireMonkey Enhancements

On iOS improved scrolling for TDateEdit, TTimeEdit, and TComboBox. On Android, DocumentFile Provider support. Graphics improvements in the TBitmap and TCanvas classes and controls, including Multiview (with platform control type), SpeedButton, Label's FocusControl, TTreeViewItem's IsChecked, TEdit when used inside a TVertScrollBar. Improved Tab key cycling across user interface controls, and ClipChildren now takes XRadius and YRadius into consideration.

Build Better Apps With FireMonkey Enhancements

Milestone Innovations Since 11.0 Alexandria

Use RAD Studio on 4k+ Screens!

RAD Studio 11.3 offers high-DPI support to the IDE, enabling developers to work on larger, high-resolution screens. Full support for the latest 4k+ high-resolution monitors improves daily developer activities with cleaner, sharper fonts and icons, and high-resolution support throughout the IDE windows, including in the VCL and FMX form designers and code editor.

Target Windows 11

Official support for Windows 11 provisioning with integrated MSIX generation. WebBrowser component for Windows, with support for both the IE ActiveX and the new Microsoft WebView 2 control (Chromium-based Edge). Enhanced VCL Form Designer to visually build native Windows applications, with live snap-to hints and layout guidelines. Enhanced Delphi and C++ RTL for 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows.

Support and Styles for Windows 11

Use VCL Styles at Design Time!

VCL Styles now provides design-time support: Prototype stylish UIs even faster by seeing immediately at design-time how your styled forms and controls will look when running. Viewing at design time how styles will impact the UI at runtime improves the design and testing process for modern UIs. Creating better UIs faster is especially useful when working with per-control styles.

Use VCL Styles at Design Time!

Deploy on M-Series Apple Silicon!

Compile for macOS (M-series Apple Silicon) and use the new universal package for AppStore submission. You can now compile for both existing Intel and new M-series macOS processors (Apple Silicon). Compiling for the newest processor versions enables the fastest performance across all platforms, and supports universal packaging for the macOS app store.

Deploy on M-Series Apple Silicon!

Collaborate Remotely!

Improved Remote Desktop Support for VCL and IDE, helping developers working remotely from the office. Enhanced debugging for remote and local 64-bit Windows applications and macOS 64-bit applications (Intel and ARM). Enhanced remote desktop support boosts your team's efficiency and improves your bottom line.

Work Remotely!

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