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What's New in RAD Studio 11.2

Quality-Focused Release With New Tools and IDE Enhancements,
Improved Usability, Performance and Stability
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New Features in 11.2

Delphi iOS Simulator

RAD Studio 11.2 offers iOS Simulator support for the Delphi language, with the ability to generate iOS Simulator binaries for macOS devices running on ARM-64 (M1 or M2 CPUs). This enables developers to test their Delphi applications on different Apple devices and on multiple form factors using the iOS Simulator, without the need to buy the specific hardware.

Delphi iOS Simulator

Support for Android API Level 32

The IDE targets Android API Level 32 (up from API level 30 in 11.1), which will be required by Google Play in November 2022. Installer has also been updated to offer the Eclipse Temurin JDK 11, required by the latest Android SDK tools.

Android API Level 32

LLDB for Delphi for Linux

Delphi’s Linux toolchain previously used GDB for debugging. 11.2 switches to LLDB, which provides a strong quality improvement both in features and in Delphi language syntax support. LLDB has been upgraded to version 12 and adopted for the iOS Simulator, along with existing use of LLDB for C++ Win64, and Delphi macOS, iOS, and Android 64 platforms.

LLDB for Delphi for Linux

IDE Support for Markdown, VCL-Based HTML preview

Open and edit Markdown (.md) files and see a rich text rendered view of it in the Preview tab. The Markdown rendering includes support for tables and other special tags. Similarly, HTML files are rendered as formatted HTML within the IDE with a new native VCL-based viewer. The Project Page Options dialog now allows users to specify a Markdown file in alternative to an HTML file as the “project page” or readme.

IDE Support for Markdown, VCL-Based HTML preview

Milestone Innovations Since 11.0 Alexandria

C++Builder CodeInsight Update

The C++Builder Code Insight Update is a quality release for C++Builder and RAD Studio customers using C++, focusing on improving code completion and related features for C++.

RAD Studio 11.1.5 C++Builder CodeInsight Update is Here!

Improved IDE And User Experience!

The RAD Studio IDE has been updated with the goal of further improving features introduced in recent versions. The new IDE combines the high-DPI support with improvements to remote desktop access for closer and more effective team collaboration.

The high-DPI designers for VCL and FireMonkey and the styled VCL form designer have undergone improvements. The new Welcome Page now offers background images, and supports custom frames with a new Open Tools API.

Improved IDE And User Experience!

Improved Code Insight!

Code Insight for both languages, Delphi and C++, are now improved. The C++ implementation, based on the Language Server Protocol architecture and cquery, has improved significantly in terms of quality and performance. The Delphi LSP engine is also greatly improved with most projects loading and updating error insight between 5 times and 30 times faster. Type parameters are now visible when completing a class declaration, including T in a generic declaration, and showing set types.

Improved Code Insight!

More Powerful Compilers And Debuggers!

Improved stability and performance of Delphi and C++ compilers for various platforms. The Delphi macOS 64-bit ARM and Android 64-bit debuggers are now based on the LLDB debugger architecture, which was already in use for the Delphi iOS 64-bit debugger. As a result, Delphi debuggers are unified on this technology for most of the supported platforms, as a way to deliver increasingly better quality over time. Moreover, there are quality improvements to the C++ STL and RTL, including better Delphi RTL integration, like improving dynamic arrays with STL iterators.

More Powerful Compilers And Debuggers!

Richer RTL, UI and Database Libraries!

Optimizations and quality improvements to the core Delphi RTL. There is also a new TURLStream class, a TStream descendant with support for async operations. Support for Windows 11 and Server 2022 in the TOSVersion data structure.

VCL enhancements to TTreeView, TRichEdit, TEdgeBrowser, TLabelledEdit and TNumberBox, flickering and DoubleBuffering, VCL high-DPI and scaling. New Demo through GetIt showing the use of WinUI 3 library in Delphi. FireMonkey quality improvements to TListView, improved Android SDK integration, TWebBrowser, Windows high-DPI-related issues, and performance.

Richer RTL, UI and Database Libraries!

Integration And New Platform Targeting!

Since the 11 Alexandria release, Enterprise and Architects customers get a preview of the new AWS SDK for Delphi (licensed from Appercept), and new releases are expected. Embarcadero customers also have access to free Delphi UI libraries to Python developers, and can also use Python libraries in RAD Studio applications. RAD Studio 11.2 delivers official support to operating systems released after 11.0 shipped: Windows 11, macOS 12 Monterey, iOS 15, and Android 12!

Integration With AWS And Python!

Quality Improvements And Bug Fixes!

The RAD Studio 11.2 Alexandria release is highly quality-focused, including a concentration on customer-reported issues and support escalations. This release provides fixes for 632 bugs reported on the Quality Portal site and delivers 30 feature requests from customers.

Quality Improvements And Bug Fixes!

Use RAD on 4k+ Screens!

RAD Studio 11.2 offers high-DPI support to the IDE, enabling developers to work on larger, high-resolution screens. Full support for the latest 4k+ high-resolution monitors improves daily developer activities with cleaner, sharper fonts and icons, and high-resolution support throughout the IDE windows, including in the VCL and FMX form designers and code editor.

Use VCL Styles at Design Time!

VCL Styles now provides design-time support: Prototype stylish UIs even faster by seeing immediately at design-time how your styled forms and controls will look when running.

Viewing at design time how styles will impact the UI at runtime improves the design and testing process for modern UIs. Creating better UIs faster is especially useful when working with per-control styles.

Use VCL Styles at Design Time!

Support and Styles for Windows 11

Official support for Windows 11 provisioning with integrated MSIX generation. WebBrowser component for Windows, with support for both the IE ActiveX and the new Microsoft WebView 2 control (Chromium-based Edge).

Enhanced VCL Form Designer to visually build native Windows applications, with live snap-to hints and layout guidelines. Enhanced Delphi and C++ RTL for 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows.

Support and Styles for Windows 11

Deploy on M-Series Apple Silicon!

Compile for macOS (M-series Apple Silicon) and use the new universal package for AppStore submission. You can now compile for both existing Intel and new M-series macOS processors (Apple Silicon). Compiling for the newest processor versions enables the fastest performance across all platforms, and supports universal packaging for the macOS app store.

Deploy on M-Series Apple Silicon!

Work Remotely!

Improved Remote Desktop Support for VCL and IDE, helping developers working remotely from the office. Enhanced debugging for remote and local 64-bit Windows applications and macOS 64-bit applications (Intel and ARM). Enhanced remote desktop support boosts your team’s efficiency and improves your bottom line.

Work Remotely!

Features to Help You Accomplish More

  • High-DPI support to the IDE, covering the latest 4k+ monitors, and cleaner and sharper fonts and icons throughout
  • Multi-monitor and multi-window improvements: design and edit code for the same form at the same time in multiple windows
  • Completely rebuilt Welcome Page with a native look and feel, and a UI that fits the IDE, and customizable layout and content
  • C++ Code Formatter: Automate the layout of your C++ code using clang-format
  • IDE support for Markdown documents and VCL-based HTML preview.
  • Inactive code highlighting in the Code Editor.
  • Improved remote desktop support for VCL and IDE
  • FireMonkey design-time guidelines: Prototype faster with visual lines and enhanced margin and padding support
  • Rich Edit component update removes XP dependencies and introduces new features to TRichEdit control
  • VCL Styles add design-time support: prototype stylish UIs even faster by seeing immediately at design-time how your styled forms and controls will look when running
  • VCL library improved for use of Microsoft’s WebView 2 control in both TEdgeBrowser and TWebBrowser components, with better support for UserDataFolder and ExecutableFolder configurations.
  • Support for CheckBoxes in TreeViews added, with each node supporting 3 states (Partial, Dimmed, Exclusion) to help customise the UI
  • New TDBLabeledEdit component offering a data-aware version of the TLabelEdit for faster prototyping
  • Numerous VCL improvements including default form size and font, exception dialog copy button, margins on Memo and RichEdit and many more
  • Improved FMX High-DPI support for Windows and Desktop with a visibly superior desktop UI
  • Improved TPathData processing and rendering in FireMonkey library, including quadratic Bézier curve commands and other transformations.
  • Support for Microsoft’s WebView 2 control (Edge Chromium) in the WebBrowser component
  • Support for the latest Android 32 API and latest Billing APIs
  • Android support for multiple classes.dex files, simplifying integration of external Android dependencies
  • Delphi macOS 64bit ARM compiler and toolchain that includes building universal binaries for Intel/Arm AppStore submissions
  • View your apps with iOS Simulator for Delphi by generating binaries for macOS devices running on ARM-64 (M1 or M2 CPUs)
  • LLDB debugging for Delphi’s Linux toolchain.
  • Delphi language support for binary decimals and digits separator
  • C++ toolchain improvements with overhauled Delphi-style RTTI for C++ types, including using typeid on Delphi-style types
  • C++Builder Code Insight improvements to cquery, and greater LSP behavior customization
  • Improved C++-style RTTI for Delphi types
  • CMake quality improvements and greatly improved exception handling on both Win32 and Win64
  • RTL Quality focus: TZipFile, 64bit improvements for large data structures, Bluetooth LE
  • Record Helper for TDateTime in System.DateUtils
  • Record Helper for TCurrency in System.SysUtils makes working with Currency simpler and easier
  • C++ RTL improvements include using make_shared and make_unique with Delphi classes, string_view support for Delphi strings, and easy Delphi/C++ string conversion
  • Use of Visual Studio Code to edit Delphi source with full code completion
  • LSP awareness of Include files
  • Auto restart of LSP server
  • Auto code completion with Tab key
  • Class helper support
  • Array suggestions when assigning arrays
  • FireDAC in the new release offers specific improvements for the PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Firebird databases
  • Updated FireDAC library supports latest Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server, MongoDB new transaction feature, improved FDMonitor and FDExplorer tools, text editor support for SQL syntax highlighting in FireDAC SQL text property editor, and reFind files for migration of dbGo (classic ADO) projects to FireDAC.
  • Updated RAD Server has auth token/session expiration option, IP Address and DateTime to logging, and simplified creation of client applications with EMSFireDACClient component.
  • HTTP and REST client libraries have been extended with timeout mechanisms, support for HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, Base64 URL Encoding
  • New component TRESTRequestDataSetAdapter simplifies uploading datasets to RAD Server
  • New low-traffic RAD Server Lite allows unlimited deployment of your multi-tier solutions, alongside with the fully scalable RAD Server engine
  • For DataSnap, the REST URL mapping logic is now fully configurable

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