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Build compelling applications in less time, with higher quality

Software developers of all types have faced the issue of how to create more flexible and functional applications in less time. Independent consultants building custom applications for their clients are concerned about time to project completion and application reliability. Packaged application developers need to develop full-featured, high-performance software that's easy-to-install and use. Corporate development team managers want to build departmental applications that are easy-to-deploy and maintain and that integrate with corporate IT standards. For all, stability, flexibility, and open database connectivity are essential to productivity and profitability.

Embarcadero's solutions give software developers broad database support to meet their specific application design requirements. Our stable, proven applications development tools can help you improve software quality, reduce software defects, and complete projects faster.

What is your database development challenge?

Embarcadero Database Application Solutions

The Fastest Way to Build Native Windows Applications

Make your development team more productive and help them easily connect all of your data resources. Choose Delphi. Delphi delivers high performance, low overhead applications, that run natively, without the requirement for a VM/runtime environment. Using Delphi's native controls in Windows, your team can create compelling GUI applications in less time with feature-rich functionality and the Windows look and feel. Building data-driven applications is easy using a wide variety of included components for database access, queries, and building user interfaces. And you can consistently connect to a wide variety of data sources. Delphi's database technology is also very scalable, delivering high performance on small footprint applications with an embedded database Webor multi-tier distributed applications and Web services.

The RAD C++ Development Environment for Windows

Creating both traditional applications and modern data-driven apps with the same tool has never been easier. C++Builder is the only C++ development solution that combines the power of C++ with drag-and-drop visual development database applications. With C++Builder, you can build both native Windows and Web-based database applications in minutes with minimal coding. Prebuilt data access, query, display, and navigation components make it easy to connect to databases and build interactive user interfaces. And the new query builder makes it easier than ever to visually create and test SQL queries. Whether you're building traditional client server database applications or modern data-driven AJAX Web applications, C++Builder is a powerful tool to get the job done fast.

The Fastest Way to Develop Enterprise Java™ Applications

Nearly all Java developers want to speed application development and minimize the need to write documentation. Embarcadero's solutions help you develop Java Swing-enabled applications for desktop and workgroup environments. JBuilder fully supports SQL standards for connectivity to enterprise databases, as well as local data stores based on SQL standards. JBuilder's DataExpress architecture gives developers the tools to quickly and easily build JDBC-compliant applications and applets. At the same time, they can speed application design and implementation with full two-way UML-based modeling capabilities, as well as automatic documentation generation.

The Highly Scalable, Powerful, Embeddable Database

You never know when you might need to grow your database capabilities. InterBase offers a scalable, powerful, high availability database for embedded and small-to-medium enterprise server applications. It's easy-to-install, has a small footprint, automatic crash recovery, is self-tuning, and requires near-zero maintenance. InterBase provides a portable database solution (Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris) with the scalability and flexibility to grow with your application requirements.

The High-Performance, Small Footprint Database for Java™ and .NET

When database management is the last thing you want to worry about, Blackfish SQL, the SQL-92 compliant transactional database is the solution. The design and implementation of Blackfish SQL emphasizes database performance, scalability, ease-of-use, and a strong adherence to industry standards. Blackfish SQL is ideally suited for .NET and Java data storage with support for .NET CLR and Java stored procedures and triggers and where you want a database solution that's easy to deploy and requires little or no database management.