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Webinar Replays

Here you can find all our Replays of Online Webinars that were held recently.

Online Webinar held on:

Nov 14

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FireMonkey Multi-Device Design

Presenter(s): Sarina DuPont

Make your FireMonkey applications look amazing on every platform in this CodeRage Mini Series. The proper design makes your apps easier to use, reducing support requirements, and delighting your users. This CodeRage Mini Series is full of tips and tricks for proper design on all the FireMonkey platforms.

Online Webinar held on:

Nov 7

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All about Linux and Advanced FMX

Presenter(s): Jim McKeeth

Learn more about targeting Linux, and see some advanced skills using everyone's favorite cross-platform framework FireMonkey!

Online Webinar held on:

Oct 24

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Using IBM Watson and the power of AI from Delphi and C++Builder

Presenter(s): Al Mannarino

Leverage the power of machine learning from Delphi and C++Builder with the Jeopardy winning Artificial Intelligence IBM Watson. This webinar covers using the IBM Watson REST API, a collaborative environment with AI tools that you can use to collect and prepare training data, and to design, train, and deploy machine learning models. Covering visual recognition, natural language classification, and Watson Machine Learning.