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RAD Studio 10.2 Opens Up Linux Deployment and Multi-tenancy Support for RAD Server

Austin, Texas – March 22, 2017 - Embarcadero Technologies, (a division of IDERA) a leading provider of software solutions for application development, today released RAD Studio 10.2. This milestone release introduces Linux support and continued improvements in quality and scalability. RAD 10.2 includes a number of features including multi-tenancy support for RAD Server.

“The number one request from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) has been support for managing multiple deployments from the same server”

The new Delphi Linux compiler enables customers to take new or existing Windows server applications and target Linux servers that are much more affordable. The addition of Linux support allows RAD Studio developers to cross compile for all major platforms—Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android—with the security and speed typically associated with natively compiled applications.

“We’re not just providing a Linux compiler for Delphi, but equipping developers with familiar core runtime classes and database access components, along with an integrated development experience like we provide for Android, iOS, macOS, and of course Windows,” stated Marco Cantu, RAD Studio product manager at Embarcadero. Cantu explained, “We’re excited to help customers reduce server costs by easily recompiling their existing Windows server applications for Linux, producing fast and secure native binaries. It’s a huge plus that the Windows-hosted development environment allows cross-compiling, deploying, and debugging on both Windows and Linux servers, directly from the RAD Studio IDE.”

The Linux compiler also benefits RAD Server, Embarcadero’s flagship REST based middle-tier / mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP). “The number one request from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) has been support for managing multiple deployments from the same server,” commented Sarina DuPont, RAD Server product manager at Embarcadero. “Multi-tenancy support coupled with the flexibility of choosing lower cost Linux servers on premises or hosted in the cloud makes RAD Server an ideal choice for controlling the rapid distribution of enterprise data via managed APIs.”

Wider Improvements in RAD Studio 10.2

  • C++Builder benefits from greatly improved compiled C++ performance, debugging and large memory support for the linker.
  • FireDAC (the Embarcadero high-performance data access library) now includes support for MariaDB, the popular fork of MySQL, which is widely used on Linux. Additionally, design time data modification editors enable editing of deeply embedded data to speed up application prototyping.
  • FireMonkey (the cross platform GUI framework), further simplifies the challenges of cross platform UI development through enhancing image management with integrated multi-threading support, new styles for macOS and Android wear, built-in support for changing the status bar color on iOS and more.
  • RAD Studio 10.2’s View menu has been improved. Customers can now view project files via a new right-click menu option in the “Project Manager” and “Code Editor” tabs, and take advantage of improved high DPI support and better large project group support.

"The release of RAD Studio 10.2 not only takes a big step forward with Linux support, but it also leaps forward with a more scalable RAD Server, deeper Windows support and the quality developers expect," said Nick Hodges, head of product management at Embarcadero. “We are also continuing to provide industry leading support for Windows 10 and the Windows 10 Store through our VCL framework.”

More detail on the RAD Studio 10.2 release is available at https://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio/whats-new-in-10-2-tokyo

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