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RAD Studio What's New in 10.2.3

Build Apps 5x Faster for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux

What's New in RAD Studio 10.2.3

RAD Studio Tokyo Release 3 (10.2.3) empowers developers to build and extend cross-platform native apps faster than ever before.

What's New in RAD Studio 10.2.3

Now in Tokyo Release 3 (10.2.3), mobile device support is included in all Pro Editions of RAD Studio, C++ Builder, and Delphi! Cross-platform application development has never been easier or more accessible than now.

RAD Studio 10.2.3 provides new C++ capabilities, expands RAD Server support for ExtJS, enhances HighDPI support for VCL, makes quality improvements in FireMonkey(FMX), and more!

Review: What's New in RAD Studio 10.2

RAD Studio 10.2 includes the first RAD Studio Linux compiler, improved IDE menus for faster navigation, a host of FireMonkey updates and new features, new TDataSet capabilities, multi-tenancy support in RAD Server, updates to FireDAC, a number of RTL enhancements, improvements in SOAP support, greatly improved compiled C++ performance, and more.

RAD Studio 10.2 follows the 10.1.2 release that introduced the first IDE to offer Windows 32bit and 64bit developers access to the Windows store via the Windows 10 Desktop Bridge, expanding AppStore support to Windows, macOS, iOS and Android stores.

Code Your Way

10.2.2 Code Editing Theme Dark/Light

With a new dark theme and installer, customizing your IDE to match your coding style has never been easier.

  • Dark and Light Themes Whether you like to code at night or during the brightest times of days, RAD Studio's Light and Dark themes have you covered. Dark themes have been reported to reduce eye strain in low light environments, allowing you to work more productively at night. It's easy to toggle between dark and light themes via a toolbar menu.
  • Improved Installer The improved installer UI and license manager UI help you identify the options you need and skip what you don't.
  • Customizable UI The IDE's layouts are now even more customizable, with a new layout option for startup and when no files are open.
  • New Component Icons Find the components you need at a glance with modernized icons, designed to be clear and recognizable.

Create Amazing Cross-Platform Applications

80% of Internet users own a smartphone and access applications and data from both their mobile device and their laptop/desktop, so developing cross-platform applications is more important than ever. Mobile support is now included in all Pro, Enterprise, and Architect editions of RAD Studio, C++ Builder, and Delphi.

FireMonkey (FMX) enables modern cross-platform user interfaces, and now it's even better with these improvements:

  • Quick Edit feature allows you to easily edit a control by changing its name, caption, alignment and layout options.
  • Labels font rendering (when in scrolling containers) an all platforms
  • Updated Android Admob mobile support to SDK version 7
  • Improvements to the DateEdit control, the TrackBar control on Windows, the SpinBox's OnChange event, Viewport3D control rendering on Android and Treeview items display
  • Improved Exception handling on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2
  • New FMX UI Templates for macOS and Android to make your apps look amazing! These UI screens cover the key UI paradigms that mobile application developers need in today's applications. The GUI templates are available for download in GetIt and include multiple UI designs for login screens, sign-up screens, profile screens, settings screens and more.
FireMonkey Status Bar iOS Option 1
Rename Refactoring

What's New in C++

  • Rename Refactoring. C++ Rename Refactoring in 10.2 Tokyo Release 3 allows you to right-click an identifier in your code, and quickly rename it throughout your project to improve code readability, reduce errors when renaming, and decrease effort to maintain the project.
    10.2.3 contains the core of a new C++ IDE tooling capability that stores an AST for your project - symbols, code structure, and more, and this is used for Find References and Rename Refactoring.
  • CMake Commandline Support. In 10.2.3, we provide support for building CMake projects on the command line using our compilers. We also specifically support using Ninja with CMake, allowing for very fast parallel builds. This will allow you to easily build third-party libraries without converting them to a C++Builder project. You can also use Ninja for improved build times. CMake supports our Clang-enhanced compilers, and for Win32 uses the new Clang-enhanced driver, bcc32x. CMake command line support is provided for Windows, Android and iOS.
  • New bcc32x Compiler Frontend. The existing Win32 Clang-enhanced compiler, bcc32c, which remains in C++Builder, shares a common command line interface with the classic bcc32 compiler. This is a great upgrade path, but meant that all of the Clang-enhanced compilers shared a common command-line interface except for Win32 (bcc32c). The new bcc32x is exactly the same as bcc32c, except that it shares a common command line interface with bcc64, bccios32, bccios64, and bccaarm, adding full consistency across our current-gen compilers.

VCL Enhancements

RAD Studio 10.2.3 enhances support for HighDPI, improves rendering for certain controls and adds improvements to VCL Styles.

  • Enhanced HighDPI Support
  • Improved VCL styles for ComboBox scrollbars, Popup menu items, controls on a DBCtrlGrid, StatusBar grip, tab sheet images, date-time picker control and accelerator keys in menus
  • Improved control rendering for MonthCalendar, GridPanel scaling and DBGrid scaling
TCard Panel

Deploy Services Based Applications with RAD Server

  • RAD Studio 10.2 added multi-tenancy support
  • A single RAD Server instance with a single RAD Server database connection can now support multiple isolated tenants
  • Each tenant has a unique set of RAD Server resources including Users, Groups, Installations, Edge Modules, and other data
  • Tenant Administration: Create new tenants, edit existing ones, add, edit or delete tenants
  • NEW in 10.2.2! Enterprise and Architect editions now include a single server/single site deployment license for RAD Server ($5000 value)
  • NEW in 10.2.3! Expanded RAD Server support for Ext JS client. It's now easier to configure your system for testing a local deployment of a solution with an HTML and JavaScript frontend (including, of course, an Ext JS solution) and a web service powered by RAD Server REST support.

Delphi Linux Compiler

Starting in RAD Studio 10.2, the Delphi IDE includes its first LLVM based Linux compiler for enterprise development, enabling Delphi developers to target 64-bit Intel Linux servers and devices. The Linux compiler is certified for Ubuntu Server (LTS 16.04) and RedHat Enterprise (V7) and is built on top of the LLVM engine. ARC is enabled for effective memory management, while to ensure compatibility with code written for Windows Server, one based strings are used by default.

The new Linux compiler includes

  • Full File System support
  • Threads and Parallel Programming Library
  • FireDAC database access support (for most Linux compatible databases).
  • WebBroker, EMS (RAD Server), and DataSnap
  • DUnitX

New and improved database capabilities

  • InterBase 2017/ IBToGo 2017 in RAD Studio. InterBase 2017 Developer edition replaces InterBase XE7, which was installed until version 10.2.2. Since we're now including InterBase 2017 as part of the main install, we have disabled the separate download from GetIt available in previous 10.2 versions. The InterBase 2017 Developer license was already included in 10.2.
  • DataSnap improvements. Improvements include TDSServer OnError triggering, DSClient connection on C++, Apache Datasnap server methods with JSON parameters and removal of memory leaks in TCP configuration.
  • RAD Server has improvements in CORS support and Linux / Apache stability
  • FireDAC fixes to TFDQuery.OpenOrExecute, PostgreSQL DirectExecute, BatchMove support for CVS files on mobile, TFDDataSet.PSUpdateRecord and other FDBatchMove improvements

GetIt now supports parallel downloads to get your new IDE installed with the latest components faster - So get downloading now and enjoy the 10.2 release.

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For the full list of What's New in 10.2.3 - visit the Embarcadero docwiki